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    I'm hitting 81 now on my touchpad using lithium benchmark! Using the Phantom F4 kernel, and disabled logging. No other patches are installed yet.

    Bluetooh on
    wifi off
    not plugged in 78% batt

    Governor- ondemand
    min- 192mhz
    max- 1.836ghz
    up threshold- 70%
    I/O Scheduler- Noop
    TCP congestion VENO

    This dropped me down from solid 90's to low 80s..

    Plugged in
    wifi off
    bluetooth off
    same settings

    That's right, 75! I took a picture.. Can anyone get lower?
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    Yes. Waiting for my download to complete.
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    My best so far for Lithium is 76.
    That's 3.0.4 Phantom F4 v81 at 1.836Ghz ondemantcl (other settings at defaults).
    Logging off, Wifi off, plugged in, no recent reboot.

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    Just did one:

    F4 - 1.8 = 76
    Wifi on
    not plugged in
    77 battery

    Was on UK 1.5 = 96

    Everything is much faster
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    I got 120 with UK default (1.18 GHz), all comms off, reboot, full charge on power, after installing 3.0.4
    Rose to 100 when increased speed to 1.512.
    My Pre3 got 93 with UK at default (1.4 GHz).
    Are the tests different with LB HD on TP and std LB on Pre3 ?
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    108 with uberkernel at 1.5 and no patch...

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    Score: 101

    UberKernel @ 1.5Ghz
    Logging Off
    WiFi Off
    Bluetooth Off
    Plugged in
    Directly after reboot

    May look at doing F4 @ 1.8Ghz but not sure how much battery life will be affected, all things being equal.

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