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    Well it works but it doesn't work so slickly like those pesky iPod, iPads do with their digital integration either through directly connecting the dock cable or Airtunes that an increasing number of receivers now have built in support for

    Hopefully in the future that will change though as WebOS is open sourced.
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    I use my touchpad in my Tacoma all the time.. Does it sound better than my Pioneer AVH P4200DVD deck that's installed, not even close. I can take the same mp3 file, play it on my touchpad to my deck using the 3.5mm cable, for good clean volume my deck will need to be at vol 34 and the touchpad at full or one click down from full.

    This is the same if I use my phone for my media source.

    Same exact file playing on my Pioneer deck vol 27, no distortion or clipping at all, vol 34 would blow out my speakers if I tired that playing the song off the deck vs. the touchpad.

    I don't have a stock stereo, I run all Image Dynamics top of their line for speakers/subs and use alpine amps.

    Anyone running a stock stereo will not notice much of a difference.. Run a high end stereo, you can hear it night and day.
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    Assuming that high end audio equipment still has this sort of stuff, I've been out of that business for years, but I'd suggest trying an attenuating audio cable connected to an input that has a pre-amp.
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    I too have the monoprice bluetooh adapter. I have an Onkyo 608 and it sounds good enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by richzpcr View Post
    I read SO many post on this site where those reponding to an inquiry simply DON'T know what they are talking about! Example. Has any one on this site really ever tried to use the touchpad to play music over a home stereo reciever? If they did, they would LEARN that it will work but sound quality is too low to hear without increasing the volume of the reciever to where it could overheat! ipods do this well out of the box. For some reason, the touchpad will not produce enough volume to make it a suitable music player/server on home systems..... However, if someone really does know how to make it work without jailbraking it with touchvol which does not work well w/the touchpad, would you wish to comment......
    This whole post is a riot for so many reasons.... Nice for a first post. Smells like a troll to me!!
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    Just got the bluetooth receiver from monoprice based on the advice above- worked right out of the box with the TP. Haven't tried it through CM7 yet, but since I like webos better, I don't really care if it works in android. Wireless music throughout the apartment, great deal!
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