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    I don't recall where I said I am on Warthog? I've been off Warthog since the 3.0.4. release.
    As a matter of fact I haven't used any overclock up until 3 days ago when I decided to install the updated Uber.

    I was saying 4 hours in total based on the 5x I had to reinstall, redownload, reconfigure.
    I thought it might have been a bad WebDoctor so I downloaded a new copy 3 tries ago.

    Nonetheless, I'm back up and running (for now). Just hoping the next time I open up PreWare I don't get stuck on the "Reading Saved .... " screen because I know what's going to happen when I shut down and try to reboot, or even do a Luna restart.

    I'll look into the Restore/Save app. Thanks for the lead.
    I said you were using warthog, I didn't say you are using warthog.

    If the webdoctor doesn't finish with 100%, and stops midway then it is corrupted. If it installs then it is fine and no need to worry about a corrupted download.

    Just like oldskoolvw said, something else is throwing you into the boot loop. The developer himself of preware said in the other thread and others said reinstalling preware fixes the corrupted feeds listing. Your two problems are separate.

    I would guess that you are installing something that has not been updated for 3.04. If there is a patch, for example, that you are installing which has not been updated since the 3.04 release, do not have it installed on your touchpad.

    Edit: In the future, try out emergency patch recovery, aka epr. Here is a a great example of its usage -
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    Good tool. Thanks for the heads up.
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    as posted here for anyone else who may be having this issue:
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