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    Ok so I am new to the TouchPad so I might be doing something wrong or overlooking something. It has been about a year and half and I am now back on WebOS (help from the TouchPad). Anyways the issue I am having is that the Photos app displays all of the album art from my M4A music files. I already did the hack to add the "." before the jpg image's file name to hide these that were also included in some of the album folders. And ultimately I would like the Album Art to be displayed in the Music app or Music Player Remix...but I do not want these to show in the Photos app.

    Does anyone know of a way to do this? Is there away to modify an M4A to remove this art...I am guessing it is embedded if so? I am still researching this. But even if so is there a way to have the Music apps see the album art without the Photos app?!?

    Thanks everyone.
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    I use dBpowerAMP Music Converter to embed all of my album art at the same time I convert it from FLAC to AAC. I believe that there are some free apps that can accomplish this task also.
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