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    i know its not a faulty physical cable problem and 100% the updates fault. everything was running smooth and fine before the update. now it won't recognize the adapter to charge at all now, i even took it out of the case like some others in other threads said to do. i can't even USB it into my computer now to run webOS to reverse it back to 3.0.2 now cause it doesn't recognize it, what choices do i have? its running on 20% battery life now and shut off.
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    Plug it in overnight and check in the morning. It may trickle charge, and doesn't sound like you have a lot of options. You need at least 50% battery to run the Doctor anyway.
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    I have the same issue. The touchstone still seems to be working ok although it suffers from the changed sensitivity that came with 3.0.4, but the usual 2 Amp wall charger now does absolutely nothing. I can trickle-charge it from my laptop, but not from the proper charger. If I plug in a low-current charger (Blackberry 700mA) then it charges but pops up with the "may not charge properly" warning, and it takes hours to get anywhere.

    The charger/cable appear fine as I can plug my phone in and it charges that as per normal.

    Tres bizarre.

    I suspect a WebOS restore is in my future.

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