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    hello all,

    I bought touchpads for me and my wife. Mine works great, I haven't been experiencing issues even on the new update like some of you guys on this forum (sorry to hear). We opened her touchpad yesterday. I didn't put preware on hers or anything however when she tries to download pdf or word documents from online they display weird characters and have html messages on the document. Has anyone experienced this issue? I tried to do a update but its already up to date. We haven't hooked it up to the computer or anything, she was just trying to read word docs and pdfs from her email. They work on my touchpad with no issues.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks all!
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    I have exactly the same problem with my Touchpad not being able to read Word documents (weird html characters etc.) although mine handles PDF without a problem.

    Have you found a solution yet, as it's really spoiling what otherwise seems like a pretty decent device?

    Actually, it also has problems displaying high resolution photos, but the inability to use Word documents is the real pain.
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    Sometimes it might be the site that you're downloading from that is not providing to the TouchPad what type of file you're downloading, hence webOS interpreting it as HTMK/text. I found Download That! to work the majority of the time. Just tap and hold the link to what you're trying to download, and tap "Copy URL". Then open up Download That! and paste it in there. You should then have the download added to the list. I just updated my version, and opening is implemented. So now you should be able to open the downloaded file by selecting it from the list and tapping Open File on the right panel.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. It's not so much files that I'm downloading as Word docs that I have on my PC which I transferred to use on the Touchpad.

    Your suggestion has given me the idea to try copying them all across again in case something happened to them in the transfer.

    Thank you.
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    I had a lot of issues with pdf files on the web. I found that installing and using the Kindle app fixed that....except for pdf's on a secure site. Haven't found any way to handle those yet in webOS.
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    I finally have a solution for my Word document woes. I went back to the PC and saved them individually as .docx files (rather than .doc). I then emailed them to myself and saved the email attachments on the Touchpad. Lo and behold, they can now be read fine in Quick Office.

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