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    Hey guys,

    CAn somebody please provide me with the steps to pair my non-webos phone to the touchpad using the latest webOS version. The latest webos version has added features by which i can recieve and call any1 from my touchpad. I need help configuring the touchpad.

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    I just linked the two thru Bluetooth and opened the phone app on the touchpad. And vuela
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    I synced my evo but I can't or text so I guses it pointless
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    Go into your bluetooth settings and click add device and select phone from the list. Go into your bluetooth settings on your phone and make sure bluetooth is on and your phone is searchable. Or search for a device from your phone. It should find it either way.

    I have my Windows Phone 7 paired with my TouchPad and calls work prefect but I can't do text messages from the TouchPad's screen. But a awesome feature with Windows Phones is text-to-speech and speech-to-text. So when I get a message, it pops up on the TouchPad like a normal call and reads the callers number and message through the Touchpads speakers. And I just talk back to respond. Pretty slick workaround.

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