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    I ripped some DVDs using the iPad preset in handbrake, but changing the "keep aspect ratio" as suggested in this forum. The videos play beautifully on my touchpad, but they won't play on my 360. When I keep the default iPad preset and rip, it plays fine on the 360. Do I really have to choose between them, or is there a way to set it up so that the video work on both?
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    The one's you ripped for the 360 work on the touchpad or they don't work? You didn't say.
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    xbox 360 only plays certain file type combinations so you need to google the accepted file formats. it varies. its has to be the right type of audio or video codec with the right amount of channels and for certain file types it has to be under 4Gb. For example it can play h.246 video but not in an mkv container. And it can't play 5.1 surround sound in most containers. YOu just need to look at the list to find out what. And check your touchpad files against it. you can use mediainfo to find out how a file is encoded.

    Assuming one works with both devices you just gotta find it then use those settings for everything.
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    Just download Kalemsoft's media Player and you won't have to use a converter like Handbrake anymore.
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    Ok, I guess I should have been a little more specific:

    I generally rip DVDs using the built-in iPad settings, plus I change the "keep aspect ratio" selector button. That way the resolution is correct. If I do not change that setting, using the built-in iPad settings vanilla without any changes, it stretches vertically, distorting the picture, but it works. This setting (iPad vanilla) works correctly on my computer, iPad, xbox, everything but the touchpad.

    When I change the "keep aspect ratio" button from default, it suddenly works on the TouchPad, having the correct resolution without distortion, but it isn't viewable at all on the xbox 360. Is there a setting that you guys know of that will look correct on my touchpad and also work on the 360?
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    I should also add that the handbrake iPad presetting without changing "keep aspect ratio" stretches and distorts in Kalemsoft, same as in the photos app
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenrushing View Post
    I should also add that the handbrake iPad presetting without changing "keep aspect ratio" stretches and distorts in Kalemsoft, same as in the photos app
    I don't have a touchpad so i can't test anything. I'm no expert either but I several years ago used to rip my dvds and convert home movies for viewing on a 360. For the record i have wdtv live now because the xbox has too many codec restrictions. But i digress.

    It is unlikely an issue with the program. It's most likely a problem with how you have handbrake set. Assuming the default "ipad" settings are the same for every program it will yield basically the same outcome.

    I loaded up handbrake and set it to ipad and it looks like it makes a file with an mp4 container, h.246 video, and aac dolby digital audio.

    This page shows the xbox compatibility list under "supported formats"
    H.264 support The Xbox 360 console supports the following for H.264:

    • File extensions: .mp4, .m4v, mp4v, .mov, .avi
    • Containers: MPEG-4, QuickTime
    • Video profiles: Baseline, main and high (up to level 4.1)
    • Video bit rate: 10 Mbps with resolutions of 1920 1080 at 30 fps.
    • Audio profiles: AAC, 2-channel, Low Complexity
    • Audio max bit rate: No restrictions.
    The above section looks closest to the file the ipad setting on handbrake spits out. Thus i'm just guessing but from the above list it may be a problem with the audio format. the ipad setting sets it under "mixdown" to "dolby pro logic II". Since above it says "2-channel" for xbox i'd suggest trying the ipad setting but change that mixdown setting to "stereo" and see if it works on both. Note the audio codec needs to be set to "low complexity" or "LC" but i don't see that setting anywhere so i wouldn't worry.

    i'd suggest find a small file, like a 1 minute video. And test it till you come up with a setting that works on both your touchpad and your 360. That way you don't wait hours for entire rips to finish. When you get settings that work rip the whole dvd using them.

    Oh one other note. The xbox will not play an mp4 that is over 4Gbs in size. You can use perfect setting and if it's 4.2 Gbs it won't play in the 360. Another reason i got a wdtv instead. If that is your problem, that the final dvd ripped comes out over 4 gbs, you just need to change the target file size and it will automatically adjust the video bit rates so that they come out under 4Gbs. But that's really only an issue if you're ripping something like blurays.

    under xbox you'll also note, under video profiles it requires under "4.1". If you download stuff of the internet it will often be above 4.1 thus you'd have to reencode it and lower that. That's a pain but it that could be an issue. I also do not see a place to change that setting in handbrake. My gut says that's not an issue. But it's possible. But i'd test it out with ipad settings switching just the audio to stereo first.

    Sorry if that's confusing. Hope it helps. Hope i'm didn't provide miss information.
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    When i'm not sure if something is encoded in a compatible way i use this small free program to check. just drag and drop it in.


    very useful when you're trying to figure out why stuff doesn't work. I couldn't figure out why i wasn't getting any sound. Dropped it in and noticed the file had no audio track. Came to realize i'd some how unchecked "audio" when i was encoding. It's useful for things like that.
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    Does the TP go into USB Mode when plugged into the USB on the Xbox ?

    I'm thinking this could be a way to play video files on my nephew's bigscreen. I can do this with my Zune which is really cool. I forget if iPods do ? Anyways, it be fun if the TP does this.

    Did anyone find a Handbrake setting that plays nice with both: Xbox and Kalemsoft ?
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