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    Ok so I'm getting another touchpad since hp is still shipping them to me which can be good in two ways, either for ebay or to keep. Now I want to keep it but the last one I used for about two days and the lack of apps was killer and the browser didn't work that smoothly.

    So since then what are the hot new apps since the firesale time that have been released?

    These are the apps I use the most on my other tablets

    Some kind of Remote Desktop app
    Google books or something that I can import my epub files and it looks nice with animations
    Words with Friends
    Some kind of app to read forums (not browser) like tapatalk
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    I have been using NewsReader (though lack of offline mode and mostly limited to AP articles is annoying, but it is a nice interface)
    Splashtop is a good remote desktop app, I use it for my work computer
    Kindle beta (not sure if that will play the books you want, but people rave about Preader as well)
    Words with Friends can be accessed via facebook in the web browser (hint: double tap before trying to move tiles)
    No clue what xfinity is.

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