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    this is the first time i am coming here for help
    I am from Israel and i have installed Hebrew fonts + Keyboard (virtual) to my hp touchpad.
    the first time i have done this, everything went well. no problems at all!
    after i have accidentally installed the new 3.0.4 (not sure this is the new one. i don't know exactly the number )
    i had to reinstall the Hebrew keyboard. (the fonts were still in there)
    after a successful installation of it. my touch pad went into some kind of a brick mode and now it is stuck on the HP logo on the start.
    i am trying to use WebOS Doctor.
    After turning it on it starts "charging" my device, yet it says that it is always on 0% battery and then it comes to a stop saying "We are unable to reset your device"
    I am not much of an "Expert" on this device, so if you have anything that might help this work. please help!
    thank you very much

    It seems that i am not able to go into USB Mode?
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    Try getting your TouchPad into Recovery Mode.

    Hold down the Home(Center) button and Power for about 15 seconds until the screen shuts off, then as quick as you can, hold down the volume up button until a giant USB symbol appears.

    Run the webOS Doctor on your PC, and ONLY plug in your TouchPad when instructed to do so.

    You can find more details here:

    How To Recover - WebOS Internals

    Also the first post in this thread gives you a link to a recovery kernel, as well as the instructions on how to memboot it.
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    First of all.
    Thank you so much! It works
    Second. I would like to know if it's safe to try and reinstall the Hebrew fonts and keyboard?
    or do i need an updated version of some sort?
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    read and Use this post

    it works for me even with three languages keyboard

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