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    Anybody manage touch-to-share after upgrading to 3.0.4?
    In 3.0.2, there was bluetooth option to pair with webOS device but this option is now gone... Does that mean no more TOUCH-TO-SHARE?
    That was the main reason I went ahead and bought a Pre 3 to pair with my Touchpad! :-(
    Can anybody port old files or make a patch?

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    Works fine with my TP304 and pre3

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    How do you do it? Just asking coz I tried and it's not working...
    I have them paired via bluetooth as phone and audio... and they have the same webos account..
    kindly give me instructions on how to pair and touch to share...
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    After the update Ive found I can pair my TP with my Nokia E71 phone no problems.


    can you use the data connection on my mobile if no Wifi available?
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    TTS worked fine for me after the 3.0.4 update. Just the usual pairing stuff, followed by TTS.
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    To pair devices you'll need to turn on Bluetooth and add device on the TP and then then the same on your Pre3.

    To TTS just hover/touch your Pre3 (HP logo on back) against your home button on the TP.

    Been working fine for me.

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    Touch the center of the phone near the home button on the pad is how I've heard. I've not been able to get my two touchpad to even try tts since we got the cases for them

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