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    These aren't necessarily on my Launch bar, as I don't consider email a "fav"

    Time Lapse Maker
    Theme Builder
    Shortcut Launcher
    Music Player Remix
    Spaz HD
    Rockus Sound Machine HD(working nights, this really helps me sleep during the day)t
    KalemSoft Media Player
    Torrent Touch Pro HD
    Wifi Media Sync
    Screamager HD
    Drop It
    Wild'n Video Poker

    oops 14 favs

    Guess I didn't really answer the question, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about 4 webpage launchers and stock apps. No Launcher Arrow is installed on mine. I just looked at the titke, so there you go....these are my favorite apps.
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    Kalemsoft Media Player
    Beyond Ynth
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    KalemSoft Madia Player
    Splashtop Remote
    WebOS News
    Robotek HD
    Angry Birds Rio
    NFS Hot pursuit
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    Spaz HD
    Robotek HD
    Stock browser
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    1. Mail
    2. Comicshelf HD
    3. Beyond Ynth
    4. Kalemsoft Media Player
    5. Preware
    6. Photos
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    Nice, you made me remember that it is possible to add webpages to the launch screen

    Actually Sledge007, I don't mind either that you give us 14 favs or the webpages you have as icon shortcuts. I'll even tell you that if it is not too personal, I would like to hear about those four shortcuts. I'm kind of probing peoples life on their TouchPad by doing that, cuz I think it's interesting to hear about other people habits

    BTW Sledge, what do you use Screamager for ??
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    webpage shortcuts are

    theweathernetworkDOTcom because every single weather app I've tried, isn't good enough for me. Most use yahoo weather for their data, and I don't like it. I also live in one of the strangest climates in the world. I've seen snow in August, and 20C in January. And temperature shifts, from -15C to 15C in an hour. Not to mention the doppler radar maps work well on the TouchPad. (Also tornado country June-August)

    flamesDOTnhlDOTcom living in Cowtown and winter-wonderland 9 months of the year, it's a must.

    kijijiDOTca a more localized type of eBay, great for getting the last minute concert tix, just got a pair of FooFighters tix yesterday for next week.

    I made a link for here at Pre|Central, but still don't use it as it opens in the stock browser, once the patch(Make Advanced Browser default) gets updated, I'll start using it.

    That's all I've made so far, I just got the Shortcut Launcher app the other day.

    Screamager, lol. It's great for when you have that guy behind you with his high-beams on, or the other guy that drives at night with only DRL's on. I have a variety of preloaded sayings that probably wouldn't be appropriate for this forum I don't really use it all that much, but it's kind of a fun app, once in awhile.
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    Yeah, that exactly the kind of use I tought about for Screamager

    But I didn't figure out how to put the TP at the back of the car and change the texts while driving ^^

    So by your sayings you must live in New Brunswick ? Canada has certainly a strange weather. When I was in Montreal in 2007-8, we had a heat wave in november just to get the coldest weather in winter since the 40's !! Really nice country though...

    Thanks btw
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    No, not NB. The clue is my Avatar, followed by Calgary, Alberta below that

    I usually have my TouchPad plugged into my truck stereo, so it's a couple of flicks to Screamager, start it up and hold it on the window as they're passing me.

    Here's some icons I made up, well they were already made, I just made transparent backgrounds so they look better, on some of them.
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    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    Is the shortcut launcher only available in the hp store? I'd love to be able to add shortcuts to websites I visit most I live in Costa Rica and don't have can't get paid apps is there a free app that works like communities because that's another app I'd love to have, got comicshelf and few games when I was in the US last its great because I have tons of comics that I read I also use preader for books since kindle doesn't work here either but I have issues importing some of my larger file book (I'm a Chef and have over 300 cookbooks I'd love to have at hand but most are over 20megs in size and preader freezes when I try to add them.
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    In no particular order...

    1. Splashtop
    2. Tanked
    3. Communities
    4. AuctionmatePro
    5. Spaz
    6. Preware
    7. VideoFloodHD
    8. webOS News
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