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    Hi, I have two TP's and am making the transition from one to the other. I have Need For Speed on the first and would like the saved games to be transfered to the second one. Can someone point me to the actual saved games folder on the TP for NFS - Hot Pursuit ? So that I can transfer the datas. Thanks
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    Use the Save/Restore app in Preware.
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    Well, I would like to, but it doesn't save Need For Speed's data, even though the app is in the compatible list. It is not in the saved data list. I already mentioned that in another thread, but nobody was able to explain me why.
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    It just restored Hot Pursuit data for me on my new TouchPad 4G.

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    Well, it didn't for me, and this is the second time that Hot Pursuit has to be taken from zero, with Save/Restore installed from the beginning ^^

    As I say, it does not even display in the Saved Data in Save/restore, in either TouchPad's !

    I don't think I missed something. I think the s/r just doesn't want to recognize my Hot Pursuit installation. Both are french localized and 16/32gb ones. Maybe it's the french locale that prevent s/r from working correctly, cuz Hot Pursuit is not the only app that doesn't displays: all app I dl'ed from App Cat won't show, only stock apps and the ones from Preware...
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    A minor detail like it being the french version is something you might have mentioned up front.

    Someone will need to write the script to support the french version. What is the appid?

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    Yeah, I figured that out while typing ^^

    I don't know where to find the app ID, I also looked into the folder tree with Internalz Pro and didn't find any EA or NFSHP or something similar :/
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