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    Was using splashtop to watch a show and everything was fine. Turned splash top off and I updated the "add thumbnav controls" patch in preware and did a luna restart, when my tp came back up, my sound was extremely grainy and did not sound right at all. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the patch and did 2 more luna restarts. I eventually just did a device info reboot and that solved it.

    (the graininess was both speakers and headphones)

    Hopefully the patch isn't causing the problem but thats the only thing i did, unless turning off splashtop did something?

    If this has been gone over before, please feel free to move/delete it, just sharing my experience with this patch, hopefully if it IS the problem, it will get fixed before too many people realize it!

    (awesome patch btw!)
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    Yeah, it does that when you install a patch that needs full restart and you just do a luna restart. You didn't have to uninstall the patch though. Just reboot and it should be gone. Can't say why it does that, but it's a good reminder that you have to reboot for the tablet to be fully functional again
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