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    I've installed the WebOS updates and PreWare 1.8.3 on my shiny new 32Gb TouchPad, but when I go into PreWare, I only see 3 Available Patches, and 427 Available Applications. In and amongst those, I can't find any of the patches and/or apps I'd really want; specifically I can't find the patches for overclocking and removing the download throttling. I'm a TouchPad noob, but I'm not a newb. Under "Available Applications" there is not a "Patch" selection like I've seen on the various how-to's floating around.

    I've checked to make sure "Patches" are selected under PreWare Preferences; Feeds are updated every launch; Show Patches is On.

    I've spent a few hours poking around the device and googling before coming here, hat in hand.

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    Did you update to the latest webOS version?
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    if you've updated to 3.0.4 you will need to wait until the patches are updated and released for the new code
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nechasin View Post
    Did you update to the latest webOS version?
    Because if you did, there are only 3 that have been updated to work with 3.0.4.
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    thomn8r - please read this post.
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    D'oh! As a SysAdmin, I always update everything to the latest rev before I start beating on it.


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