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    Attempting to install CM7, I had a hang when i executed the ACMEInstaller. Instead of seeing the log of what was going on I got nothing, then the HP logo. Holding power, holding power plus volume up, does nothing. WebOs doctor does not recognize my TP. My computer does make the USB device sound when I plug it in. Any suggestion of where I should go from here?
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    Check out my post from yesterday.
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    you could try reinstalling your usb drivers, putting the touchpad in usb mode before doctoring it (power + volume up key). Also this link How To Recover - WebOS Internals
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    1) Turn off touchpad
    2) Plug it into your computer while holding volume up + power key
    3) Try doctoring then
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    32 views, no replies. Not looking good.
    Try holding the power button and the center button at the same time.

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