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    Resolved by using webos doctor n fortunately it allows TP flash back to fw 3.0.2. For the unfortunate ones like me, here the WebOS doctor link:

    Thanks for all the help.

    Just did an auto 3.0.4(77) fw update, reinstall preware app, since not working after fw update, with Webos QuickInstall. Touchpad auto restart and HP logo appears n stuck there.

    Sigh...., I just become one of those unlucky ones who stuck on the HP start logo on Touchpad. How do I or other having same problem resove this?

    I just want to clarify couple of things:
    1. to solve the HP logo stuck issue, i need to do a hard reset, secure reset? what's the difference?
    2. Perform a Hard reset is by pressing the Power, UP vol, and Home buttons at the same time for 15 secs? I have done this, and the screen went all black.
    3. I read from another thread,
    will using webos doctor, downloading very slowly now, can bring the touchpad back to out of the box state?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

    A very frustrating newbie
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    if you use webos doctor ,you will still have all your stuff that you saved on the usb partition.
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    You can perform a hard reset by pressing the power button and the center home button together for about 15 seconds or so. It should restart the TouchPad and you will see the HP logo for hopefully only a minute or so until it finishes the boot up.

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