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    After clicking install now, and the TP rebooted, the screen lock entry pad came up but the device's touch screen was non-responsive. No screen inputs were being accepted and I couldn't interface with the device. I did the force-restart a couple of times and still nothing. But odd thing is that the device would still go into exhibition mode when placed on the touchstone dock, but the screen is completely frozen and is accepting no input.

    It looks like I'm going to have to visit the doc.
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    I seemed to have a slight issue with the screen not responding as well and I did have the screen lock and PIN set. I just kept hitting the sleep button off and on as well as touching the screen and turning the TP from portrait to landscape and it came back to life. It only took about 25-30 seconds. Try messing with it before you doctor it.
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    try charging the TP with the micro USB cable

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