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    As a WebOS/TouchPad noobie, I have found excellent detailed step by step instructions on how to setup a Touchpad with Preware and the recommended packages. However, I cant seem to find similar step by step instructions on what to do and when to do it with regarding HP WebOS updates:

    - What should you do with your patches before update (uninstall, leave them, something else)?
    - When should you install a WebOS Update? (72 hrs, week,...)?
    - What should you do if you with installed services, Linux programs, etc?
    - What should you do if you installed the WebOS update without doing anything with the homebrew applications?
    - When are the updated patches typically available after a new release?

    Bottom line...
    Can anyone point me to a succinct set of instructions on what to do with homebrew apps and patches when there is a WebOS update that are as good as the instructions on initial setup?

    Thanks in advance (especially if this is a question that has been asked many times before)
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    Basically, follow webosinternals on twitter and if you depend on Preware or patches, don't accept the HP official update for at least 24 hours while you wait for webos internals to respond. It takes some time for webos internals and the patching authors to review the update and make changes, they do not get the final update in advance of it being given to the rest of the users. For "most" things in preware, you can just leave them and update the software and you will be OK--webos internals has set it up so that the patches etc will become empty placeholders for the updated patches when the authors have finished their work. Of course, because the authors don't get the final software in advance, they cannot predict if there will be any exceptions to the rule above. That is why there are no specific rules--only the advice to delay updating until webos internals can review.

    Here's a sample of the twitter feed so you can get an idea of how they work:

    webosinternals WebOS Internals
    The Palm Recovery Kernel for webOS 3.0.4 on the TouchPad is now available in the stable kernel feed.
    20 hours ago

    WebOS Internals
    webosinternals WebOS Internals
    The WebOS Internals Meta-Doctor now supports webOS 3.0.4 on the TouchPad
    21 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    WebOS Internals
    webosinternals WebOS Internals
    Note that we explicitly ignore all error reports, questions and help requests in the first 24h after a webOS update.

    webosinternals WebOS Internals
    Kernels and patches in particular are webOS version specific. If you update, you need to wait until they too are update by the hb developers
    22 hours ago

    WebOS Internals
    webosinternals WebOS Internals
    Homebrew new webOS version support doesn't come for free - real volunteers need to do lots of stuff in their free time to make it happen.

    webosinternals WebOS Internals
    As usual, people using webOS homebrew should wait 24h before accepting the 3.0.4 update, and watch this space for compatibility instructions
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    With the phones, I normally waited a day or two to see if there would be any fallouts, but I was so excited to get an update, I did it right away. As mentioned above, webOS internals recommend waiting if not having a particular patch/tweak would cause issues. In the past it was necessary to remove all modifications before doing an update, but webos internals and Jay have designed things so that one normally only has to remove themes as they will get "stuck" and either not allow the update to install properly, or not be able to remove or reinstall the theme after the update without a doctor.

    As a habit, I always write down all my patches, remove and then reinstall. The only things I didn't remove were the services/linux stuff that are required by preware, as those rarely change and homebrew apps as those are just downloaded from preware instead of the app catalog. For patches that have been left installed, once the patches are readded to the feeds, you will see an option to update.

    Please keep in mind that tho webos internals approves patches before adding to preware, they do not author all the patches, and often we are also waiting for the dev to find time to update them and resubmit. Some do not reappear if an update has incorporated the same feature/function, and tho this was more an issue with the phones than with touchpad since it is fairly new, a dev may have moved on to another platform where they no longer develop for webos. In the past they have given a heads up or other dev's took over updating the patch. While preware, webosqi and the homebrew process are VERY organized and is not considered jailbreaking in our community, these updates are maintained by individuals, not HP themselves, so this is why we are always suggesting donations to thank them for all their hard work. There are two homebrew apps with documentation available in the app catalog, one by jay and one by webos internals, that may have more information.
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    I forgot that I had the govnah patch installed and already updated it. Nothing seems to be wrong other than the cpu speed is limited to 1.18 instead of 1.5. The 1.5 isn't an option any more in govnah. Should I wait a while and reinstall the govnah patch?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I made the mistake up uploading the Update before removing, Muffle. I didn't know until now that I should.

    What should I do?

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    my Touchpad autoupdated to the newest webOS 3.0.5 before I had a chance to remove govnah uberkernel and muffle,

    what should i do? touchpad seems to be operating fine other than google docs not letting me download .doc and .pdf files
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