I am new here so please bear with me. I sent my Touchpad back to HP for repair with a left speaker - no sound problem and a week later I receive it without being repaired and with an issue with my right speaker as well (treble is conked).

I called up CS and they offered to send in a refurbished unit with fee waived. Also after bargaining with them for 30 mins, they offered a $25 hold charge on my debit card.

However, the shipment will reach me in 5-7 business days! How is advance exchange 5-7 days??

The CS at HP sucks, first they dont repair the device and then charge me for advance exchange that is not advance at all. I think people at webos are not doing their jobs cause they are going to be fired soon..

I had called them twice to mention it is my Left speaker not working and all they did is cover my screen with plastic and send it back.

Does anyone share the same experience of getting advance exchange so delayed? Also how effective or ineffective are these reconditioned units?