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    just been updated this morning without my knowledge. oh well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drahgon View Post
    Not sure why you wouldnt want to update
    Maybe because some want or need the accelerometer to work correctly with paid games.
    Some of the owners purchased these TPs for our children to also use and in turn purchased games that use that feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    The updates that require reboot is what we are focusing on.. If you tap on reboot later.. It will reboot anyway after about 30 minutes if you don't click reboot later again..

    This is no diff. From webOS system updates.

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    This is not accurate. If a user is logged on and a Windows Update requires a reboot, WU will present you with a prompt to "Reboot Now" or "Postpone", and postpone give you the option to postpone from 10 minutes to 4 hours. If you're not there to select an option, it will sit there forever waiting for you to make a choice. I've logged onto Windows 7 virtual machines that had literally been sitting at that prompt for months waiting for someone to click something. And once your postpone limit has expired, you're again presented with the option to Reboot Now or postpone. You could postpone forever if you wanted. The point is, you're given PREDICTABLE options. You're not in a situation where you press a button and you're not really sure what's going to happen, like the TouchPad's "Install Later" choice.

    If no user is logged on and Windows Update has been configured to download and install automatically, then Windows will restart unprompted. And of course, all of this behavior is highly configurable via Group Policy for business environments.

    That said, I'm really not sure how the Windows Update restart behavior is relevant to this thread.
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    i managed to hold off on the update until this morning. funny thing.....was on the touchstone overnight. was also in AIRPLANE mode, so my wifi should not have been on. still found my tp updated. does the tp force wifi on in order to force the update? good thing i removed my theme first.

    haven't had time to play with it yet. won't be able to update patches either as my work won't allow non-work devices to connect to the wifi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brutus001 View Post
    does the tp force wifi on in order to force the update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackout138 View Post
    just been updated this morning without my knowledge. oh well.
    The first time my TP updated to 3.0.4 it took 3 doctor events and a full erase to get it working without issues. No more drive is almost full or device full warnings.
    Then the update downloaded and wanted to be installed for 2 days. Last night while charging on the touchstone, it kept waking itself up, and me too, wanting to install. By the time I woke up in the morning, 3.0.4 was back on my TP without me clicking install. So far, things have been ok, but I haven't tried to use the games that use the accelerometer. SkyOrb is not able to use the compass as well though. Very annoying having my paid apps effected.
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    my pos touchpad just updated by itself today..grrr
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    I hope you're not taking this thread too seriously (by that, I mean letting it get to you - as an HP rep I'm sure you take all criticism/comments/suggestions seriously). I remember when we'd be here complaining because updates weren't coming.

    It's funny, someone mentioned the auto-correct and as far as I know I was the first to report it on this forum - yet even I only found it mildly annoying and mostly amusing. To have it called an unacceptable bug is a little too much.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see you're still around, my stock 32GB on 3.0.4 is awesome!
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    actually the autocorrect feature is extremely annoying. Try filling out a captcha window. I need to figure out how to turn it off. What a total pain.

    edit: oh and my tp updated after I told it not to as well. I wanted to wait and see how the update affected things. The update process may be working as designed, but that doesn't change the fact that the design is crap.
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