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    OK - so some of us have waited.... um patiently ... for nearly two months to get the inexpensive, elusive, and highly coveted (for one reason or another) HP Touchpad. We have hoped, vented, cussed, perhaps even prayed.... over this issue for weeks. We checked our emails and status updates several times a day hoping to at least NOT get a cancellation notice, and even when saw none, few of us had faith the HP would deliver anyway. We created and contributed to the site's most popular thread. And even when many of us managed to - in my case - hustle up a TP by doing such things as convincing a Wal-Mart manager to sell us a demo, we still suffered in out angst-filled wait on any word from HP to let us know the status of our purchase. Oh, then there was that on-again off-again hold on our credit card! GRRR~ We even bickered with and read with suspicion the words of those who let it be known that they had and or were still waiting for multiple TPs, while so many of us wanted to get our hands on just ONE at the fire sale price. Some cancelled orders - or wondered if they should, I am in the latter group. We compared order numbers and tried to guesstimate when ours would ship - and when we got ours we encouraged others to hang in there. Ahhh... the bonds that were formed in that forum.

    And then - Saturday came and many people wrote about hell freezing over, folks said their goodbyes to our thread, and at least for the moment - HP was not being cussed - for many of us - including Yours Truly - received that long awaited for SHIPPING CONFIRMATION.... ooohhh and ahhhhh.. Even better, some of us had ours DELIVERED! Oh what joy - or was it?

    So, after nearly two months - and in the spirit of having some fun and bringing some new type of energy and perspective to the whole craziness - particularly for those of us who have gotten a TP for the first time, now that you have your TP - was it all worth it? Are you having fun? Do you wish you had ordered more? Or do you feel you wasted your money and time, but at least you made some connections with some pretty cool folks as you all sat in that tiny boat on the choppy waters of the HP Ocean?

    If you could summarize your experience in a song, movie, TV, book, etc... title, what would it be? Share your impressions - and let's have fun doing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Touchkeeper View Post
    If you could summarize your experience in a song, movie, TV, book, etc... title, what would it be?
    "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" here. Received my long-awaited 32GB on Monday, and it is my first TP joining my Pre+ (and a retired Sprint Pre from work). I'm still feeling lost ever since I deleted the bookmarks for the blue and orange screens from the toolbar in my web browsers yesterday.

    I ordered a $19.99 BT keyboard from the HHO store yesterday, to go along with the touchstone and carrying pouch that I already have. Might as well have the complete set! The novelty of watching the TP pair with my webOS 2.1 Pre+ and make a phone call was exciting, yet sad knowing that the entire product line was likely at a dead end and there would be no more joy in webOS Whoville with newer devices. I also made a video Skype call to a friend down the street, which was choppy but he was on a 3G cellular connection with his PC.

    I do regret not ordering two more, one for mounting on the dash of my pickup as a nav system and one as a spare. The case is so slick that I fear it will slip out of my hands while carrying it. I guess that I'll wait for the price on eBay to come down, and then buy a few more.

    One thing that I did realize yesterday is what SMB really stands for...#StaycoolMyBabies! Best advice that I can offer those who are just receiving their shipping e-mails or waiting for their status to change.....
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    Got my shipping notice 2 weeks ... It said shipped via RPS Service: VF1 (who the heck is that?) .... and gave me a 30 digit tracking number ( may have been a bit smaller... it's all a haze now ). After poking around the web for a while, I learned that RPS was purchased by FEDEX, and that I could track the package at the FEDEX site. So, I did.... Well, was I surprised to learn that my package had been delivered to an address in Chicago back in Aug. Ok.... so HP had sent me a bogus number.... This is Sunday, so Monday morning I call HP ... they check and find the same thing... then they tell me that RPS reuses tracking numbers.... Wait and check the next day they say... Sure enough, the next day, I track the package and WOW... they will be delivering it that same day.... VERY EXCITED.... Watch for the truck... Noon comes and goes... no package... I call FEDEX... Lady is very nice... tells me that RPS (FEDEX Ground) delivers right up to 6pm... At 6:15, with not truck in sight, I track the package and see the dreaded RED note saying DELIVERY EXCEPTION - DRIVER COULD NOT FIND ADDRESS. Now I am PO'ed... I call FEDEX again... Lady is very nice... calls the local Fedex delivery center, and the supervisor says that he can't get through to the driver to have him re-deliver, as his cell phone is turned off. Turns out that FEDEX Ground delivery drivers are contracted, and do not have and FEDEX communication devices. And they can use their personal cell phones, but are not required to.

    SO, to make a long story short, he delivered my package the next day and I have been discovering the joys of touchpadding ever since. Well worth the wait, especially with 3.0.4 installed.
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    movie: national treasure
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    I didn't order from the HP SMB site, but I can share my experience since it was similar. I was part of the whole Onsale/Amazon debacle and though I initially ordered 1 16GB TP (not 7 or 8 like some people) I ended up with a 32GB TP. I didn't get my order in until Sunday which was well past the time when Onsale had exhausted their actual inventory. The days of waiting for ANY kind of response was annoying as hell, as it was for many others.

    In the meantime, I joined the legions who were watching and waiting for another opportunity to get one. I avoided Best Buy entirely, first because I used to work at the Best Buy in our town and I knew that employees would have picked them all up and second, I live in a college town where students have lots of disposable income and nothing better to do than camp out at BB at 1am with alcohol to keep them warm.

    I watched the Slickdeals thread, had my brother watching online also. That's funny in itself because I told him about the TP firesale and drove to the Wal-mart that is literally next to his house and just picked one up. I told him he owed me that one, but he is a total WebOS wh0re so that wasn't happening. I went to a couple B&M stores on some leads but nothing panned out. I went so far as to add a Firefox extension that would monitor a number of sites and check every 2 minutes for a change in text - like if "Out of Stock" changed to "Buy Now" or something.

    I heard about the Onsale reorder offer, coincidentally from my brother, and jumped on it. I was again in limbo as I waited for a Tracking Number. Everyone knew it before this, but this cemented a very important fact - until you have a Tracking Number you ain't got sh!t. Got the tracking number, got my Touchpad a couple days later. By this time my wife getting beyond sick of my Touchpad quest so she was happy that I would finally shut up about it.

    When I received the Touchpad I was initially a little disappointed with the performance, but doing all the tweaks, OC, etc. made a world of difference. The update to 3.0.4 looks to take it even further once all the tweaks are applied again.

    When the Amazon Fire came out I'll have to admit that I was initially unsure if I made the right decision with the Touchpad. I'm already deep in the Amazon ecosystem and I knew it would be supported for a long time to come. While a physical case for the TP was an easy decision, the app portion is harder to justify from a cost standpoint since there is no telling how long they will be supported and I've already dropped about $40 on system that I was only supposed to be in to for $99 (16GB) + case.

    At the end of the day, I have to admit that while I questioned my decision at the beginning I really like WebOS and if absolutely nothing changed from this point I would still be happy with its current functionality and it was a steal for that price for that hardware. The prospect of Android, as a dual-boot system, is also very compelling - choice is always good.

    I would sum up my experience musically as such (song title not lyrics):

    Right Here Waiting, Richard Marx - Waiting for my order to process, waiting for my order to be cancelled, waiting at my computer for it to go on sale again, waiting for my second order to be processed, waiting for a Tracking Number, waiting for it to arrive.

    Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi - Praying that my order would finally go through since the ordering sites were ungodly slow from being constantly hammered.

    TL; DR - Pain in the ****, worth it in the end. Wish I got one more, happy to have one.
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    I am still waiting. I got an email the other day saying it should ship within 2 weeks. I hope it was worth it otherwise it wont stay with me too long. I just think hp really screwed this one up big time.
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    I got mine last Friday, but have only been using it for a few days. After the 3.0.4 update I like it a lot more.

    The internet is great, but sad I can't watch Star Trek off their website.. I hear amazon prime is the way to go... I enjoy the device and like that the facebook app works.

    The only thing I don't like is my glass isn't flush on the device.. it raises on one side.. should I call HP about this?
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    Obviously the opinions to this question will be as diverse as the people we have. I have had a 16GB model while waiting for my 2x32GB SMB order so some may think my wait has been tempered by that fact. Those 2 should be here today if the tracking site is correct.

    Actually it has made me even more passionate about getting the 2 32GB models I've ordered.

    You see, every since I got the 16 I loved it and really wanted to make it mine but knowing I would give the 16 to my sons and keep a 32 for me and one for the wife I've some how kept back from customizing it as much as I would if I had the mindset that this was mine. I know that is odd, I can always re-doctor the 16 and will likely do so anyway. Don't ask why, I can't answer that. I have done some tweaking and toying around and that has just made me that much more excited about getting my 32.

    So my answer is, yes, it has been worth the wait. I could have never imagined getting 3 devices for the price of one of the other tablets out there. WebOS is awesome and my next wait and see will be to watch what happens with the team and WebOS. HP has said they will integrate it for other products, there has been speculation that another company would pick it up. Where else can you get this kind of drama and fun for such a low price?
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    Install Ubuntu (in card mode, not dual boot!) then LibreOffice and use it to edit MS word docs, excel files, power point etc etc (in card mode with full screen -- use twick to do this). Then come back and tell us what you think of TP.

    TP almost replaces my laptop now. Go figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamhandman View Post
    I got mine last Friday, but have only been using it for a few days. After the 3.0.4 update I like it a lot more.

    The internet is great, but sad I can't watch Star Trek off their website.. I hear amazon prime is the way to go... I enjoy the device and like that the facebook app works.

    The only thing I don't like is my glass isn't flush on the device.. it raises on one side.. should I call HP about this?
    check the threads here several people have reported the same problem -some people sent theirs in, some remedied it themselves - perhaps their feedback will give you an idea of which option is good for you.
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    got mine today and am having a blast with it so far despite its quirks and waiting about 2 months for it. i honestly gave up on receiving it and talked to my wife about it sunday. we agreed to just call hp and tell them to remove the hold on the funds and cancel our order. went on to get HPs number and saw my shipping confirmation email. pretty funny.

    as for the TP, you can really see the missing fit/finish/polish on this OS compared to ios. I would never pay $600 for an ipad but im used to my I4 so there are a lot of quirks ive found in less than 4 hours with this device. there seem to be alot of corners cut or young ideas within the OS that seems to pop up as you doodle around everywhere. heck, there are multiple stock items that just dont seem finished at all.

    that said, its a wonderful device for $150 and for what ill be using it for, i am super happy with it. I'd hang myself with the usb cord if i paid over $500 for it though. The overall package just isn't there for that type of money.

    looking forward to future updates to polish out some of the issues and getting a better feel for the OS to appreciate it some more.

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    I suggest everyone download and install pre-ware and the patches. Without the patches I did not find the update to 3.04 worth it. I just reinstalled 3.02. Best videos I have found about how to improve/speed up your TP - HP TouchPad | Opinionative Reviewer
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    also, had to LOL at the "please eject media" prompt. havent seen that since devices i used with XP
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    Got mine earlier this week from them. Just had to put up with the constant bank hold and lack of communication but eventually got the shipment notification. Showed up a couple days later. Just be patient I guess.

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    Well, I had two from HP SMB delivered to my job yesterday, but by the end of the day, they still had not been delivered to me. I will be looking for them when I get to work this morning. The one that I use for myself was a demo model - and it has not had any of the physical problems with it: raised glass, cracked speakers, etc..., which many people have complained about experiencing with their TPs. Sometimes I wonder if because HP sent a better quality batch to businesses to use as demos. I am curious to see if these sort of quality-build flaws are evident in the two from HP SMB - I hope not, as they are gifts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamhandman View Post
    I got mine last Friday, but have only been using it for a few days. After the 3.0.4 update I like it a lot more.

    The internet is great, but sad I can't watch Star Trek off their website.. I hear amazon prime is the way to go... I enjoy the device and like that the facebook app works.

    The only thing I don't like is my glass isn't flush on the device.. it raises on one side.. should I call HP about this?
    I watched an episode of STNG on Amazon yesterday and it was perfect! Well worth the $79/year for all the streaming and free 2 day shipping.
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    Yes - Amazon Prime Streaming is great - and just so everyone knows, you might still be able to get Student Prime for free - I did earlier this year - and they offer the upgrade to paid membership at only $39.00 - for 4 years if you have Student Prime. You can get free student prime if you register an address that ends in .edu. I would post the link, but I have to run. Oh, and no, they do not check anything - just sent you a confirmation email to the .edu address - Once I confirmed the address, I kept using my general account that I have had with them for years, but I started getting Prime benefits for free.
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    Since more of you are getting yours in, any opinion, especially pre 3.04 install?
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    I think it was well worth the wait. Its great for web surfing, comics, and books.
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    I heard about the firesale on reddit, didn't think anything of it. I had used an iPad before but as I'm not a gearhead I had no idea how I'd use it in real life. The SO called me on Sat AM and asked me to find one, so I did. Went to the HP website, placed an order for 2, then walked away. Went to WM to get some oil and missed the ones they had by 2 hours - there were 6 people sitting in the area who weren't leaving until they got theirs (I should check to see if they're still there). Went to BB on Sunday to get something for work, again a line of people. In further travels I saw people hunting them down and getting pretty desperate. Saw a post elsewhere of a guy driving 6 hours to a BB that supposedly had them and was denied.

    A month later I got an email from HP saying "more are on the way". Then a two week notice email. Then, one day, "in transit". One arrived 8 weeks after my order, the other 9 weeks. During that time the SO and I looked around at other tablets but we weren't totally sold - iPad is too much and the others "meh".

    We've had ours for a few weeks. I like it as I can just hit the button and quickly do email, etc. The kids can watch youtube vids w/o needing their laptops. The device is simple to use and we all like the portability. If I had paid 600 I'd be expecting more out of it but for this, it's ok.
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