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    I heard about the firesale on reddit, didn't think anything of it. I had used an iPad before but as I'm not a gearhead I had no idea how I'd use it in real life. The SO called me on Sat AM and asked me to find one, so I did. Went to the HP website, placed an order for 2, then walked away. Went to WM to get some oil and missed the ones they had by 2 hours - there were 6 people sitting in the area who weren't leaving until they got theirs (I should check to see if they're still there). Went to BB on Sunday to get something for work, again a line of people. In further travels I saw people hunting them down and getting pretty desperate. Saw a post elsewhere of a guy driving 6 hours to a BB that supposedly had them and was denied.

    A month later I got an email from HP saying "more are on the way". Then a two week notice email. Then, one day, "in transit". One arrived 8 weeks after my order, the other 9 weeks. During that time the SO and I looked around at other tablets but we weren't totally sold - iPad is too much and the others "meh".

    We've had ours for a few weeks. I like it as I can just hit the button and quickly do email, etc. The kids can watch youtube vids w/o needing their laptops. The device is simple to use and we all like the portability. If I had paid 600 I'd be expecting more out of it but for this, it's ok.
    Yeah, I was one of those running to and calling area stores several times a week - and who squatted on Face Book's Justin Deals for any word of a possible TP sighting. Eventually, I ended up with a couple of demo models from two different Wal-Mart stores - one I took back because it had too much damage - the other I have used relatively problem-free for about a month now. But the mad-dash craze to get at least one of these things - while I waited to hear from HP SMB - was a rather disturbing distraction from more important things - and suspiciously fun at times.
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    I've had my touchpad for four days, and it was totally worth the wait!! I've been a webOS fan ever since I got my Sprint Pixi so I knew it'd be awesome, but I seriously can't put this thing down. I do wish I had bought more than one though, because I think my husband's a little jealous!
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    I am selling mine on ebay, just not worth it even at the bargain price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by onthesc View Post
    I am selling mine on ebay, just not worth it even at the bargain price.
    I did the same with mine. As an owner of an iPad and iPad 2, this piece of junk can't even get close to measuring up. The hardware and software are lacking in a big way. Sorry, HP ******* and apologists, the Touchpad is an inferior product. Ever wonder why the TP and WebOS is dead and/or dying? Wonder no more.
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    re: my last post... Why did this forum censor the word ******? (fanb0y if it was censored again) Sad.
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