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    They call it 'text expansion' I never realized the TP has it too...excellent.
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    that's the thing with Apple, they make the biggest hoopla about being able to do something that other people take for granted. Another case in point, skype has been doing video calling for years!
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    You have got to be kidding me and about 30 other people in another thread that hate it. Sorry, it was far better the day before yesterday, imo. Or maybe you know some secret about it that the rest of us don't?
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    Agree about 'auto correct' for sure, but I'm talking about customized shortcuts you can set up within the Text Assist app....when I type 'g1' and hit enter, I will get "Good one, keep those funny jokes coming!."
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    Your car can text and look stuff up based on what you tell it to do with your voice. OMG They copied Apple's Siri!! <-- Classic apple user logic.

    I havent gotten a chance to try out 3.0.4 (my TP is in for repair (Speaker Cracks)) But hopefully I get to check out my dads tonight. (He just got his 64 gig in the mail.. I hate him. ))
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