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    I've found two minor updates in 3.0.4 that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere.

    First, they've fixed the display problem in 3.0.2 Certificate Manager (Settings tab, Device Info, menu -> Certificate Manager). I had one certificate in the list and it only showed the bottom few pixel of the letters of the words, which made it really difficult to tap it to see the details.

    Second, I noticed in the list of Default Applications (Settings tab, Device Info, menu -> Default Applications) that in addition to the FLAC and OGG file types, there are entries for WMA and WMV (associated with the Music and Videos apps). Maybe I missed them before, but I don't remember seeing them with 3.0.2. I haven't had a chance to see if they'll actually play yet. Has anyone tried them already?

    Update: Well, I finally had time to try both WMA and WMV files (non-DRM). When I use Gemini file manager to try to open the files, it attempts to launch the appropriate app (Music or Videos) with the data file, but I get an error message. Well, hopefully the fact that they've added the file type associations means that they're working on support.

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