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    anyone else having issues with the video performance on the new 3.04 update on the hp touchpad like video wize.
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    Different* wise* and I haven't noticed anything
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    i think it runs better and i currently dont have any problem with playing videos on the web. actually videos runs better on webos 3.0.4 , when i switch to card that has a playing video, the video assumes very quick. when i move up and down the web page, it does not take long for the video to resume playing, and the audio is running continuously without any hiccups.
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    3.0.4 runs better when playing live streams like the ones from

    Before the acceptable performance was 360p, now 480p is almost smooth.
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    I haven't noticed anything WEB-video-wise, but when I played an MP4 (converted from a bluray) the audio cut out for brief moments. When playing the same video file on my laptop, the audio was just fine.

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