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    strange problem, not sure if it's 3.0.4-update related. Some hours ago i noticed that i have no lock screen anymore. I had set the lockscreen up to have the 'sliding button' - you know, no password or pin but the little orange lock button you slide away. Now, when i wake up the TP from sleep there is no lock screen at all, it's just where it was before. And in the lockscreen-setup there is no option for the slide gesture anymore, only pw or pin.

    Bug or feature?

    Set up to use pw or pin the lockscreen works like normal.
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    I would restart the TouchPad and see if it returns.

    Also, is the Touchpad in the TouchStone Charger?
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    I haven't got the touchstone and rebooted, uuuuhmmmm, a hundred times now?

    Edit: Nvm, i figured it out. You were on the right track with the touchstone. I haven't got a touchstone but the Tp was on USB... Haha, self owned!

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