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    What do I do if I have patches or overclocking?

    Did the update bring USB to HDMI support?

    What about SMS support?

    FLAC support built in.

    Help I Updated and My Sound Doesn't Work.

    Can't use APP Promo codes. (separate thread from FAQ)

    **Please note, this is not a thread to complain and rant.

    Updates to patches, apps, kernels, etc... always take a few days to catch up to the new OS update. Please be patient.
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    I had problems with 3.0.2, when I added an event to my Google calendar on the TP, it would not show up elsewhere (on my Android phone, or in Google calendar's website on any device) until rebooting the Touchpad.

    On 3.0.4, I just added an event, and it showed up in my other Google calendar devices shortly afterwards. Good riddance to that bug!
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    So I see a lot of incompatibilities with 3.0.4 and things like uberkernel and other patches... If users on 3.0.3 w/ all the goodies want to upgrade to 3.0.4, what's the best path?

    Do we need to uninstall all patches via preware?

    Should we just wait for patches to support 3.0.4 before upgrading?

    I know I'm not the only one on this boat... =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncinerate View Post
    Many patches won't be immediately compatible with 3.0.4. It won't break anything if you update, it will simply effectively deactivate those patches. When they are updated, preware will show you new updated patches you can install that will reactivate the relevant patches.

    That said - I recommend performing the update. It's fixing a lot of annoying quirks and I'm loving 3.0.4 . It also makes several patches unnecessary - for example the touchpad sensitivity in 3.0.4 is remarkably improved which removes the need (in my opinion) of the "touchpad sensitivity" patch. Historically speaking, it usually takes a week or so for all the patches/overclocks/etc to get ported over to a new patch. You'll be back to normal very quickly.

    Bookmarks carry over, as to many other little tweaks you might have done (my "just type" message is still changed, for example). No harm in upgrading.
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    So yeah i had a blackberry bold 9700 running OS6

    this phone have a bluetooth MAP profile that works with BMW iDrive system.

    but for some reason, i can't get touchpad to send / receive sms

    i wonder how is anyone doing so far? anyone manage to get text working on touchpad?

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    Works with HTC EVO 3D
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistaox View Post
    Works with HTC EVO 3D
    really? you have a non webos phone that allows you to text message on the touchpad?
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    How did you pair your EVO 3D? Doesn't work with mine, nor did it work with my Pre

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistaox View Post
    Works with HTC EVO 3D
    I have an HTC Sensation (evo3D's cousin). How do you enable that? I paired the two as a phone. Do I need to pair it as something else?
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    It's not working with my palm pre.
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    I set my EVO to "Discoverable" in the BT preferences and then I followed the steps outlined in the video here: Hands-on with webOS 3.0.4 [video] | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |
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    Now that we can pair non-webos phones to the touchpad I was able to initiate a file transfer from my HTC Sensation to my TP. The phone says that the files transferred successfully, but they are nowhere to be found on the TP. I tried a reboot just in case and it's as though they vanished into the abyss. Any idea if this should be working?
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    Pre doesn't support the MAP profile, from my understanding. Without that, it would be impossible to work. My Rumor 2 does not, either. But that's why I have GVoice Now with the TP paired legitimately to my phone, though, I have full usage.

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    you could recieve with the previous versions as well, they all end up in /tmp

    problem is can we SEND frmo the touchpad/pre3, thats what we need so we dont look like morons to our friends.
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    Its in the " /tmp" folder.

    Use Internalz or Gemini File manager to move it into /Media/internal.
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    works on my iphone. Can't send texts though
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    so what if you're on 3.0.3? The linked thread says absolutely nothing about it. I've tried to download the ota update and it doesn't install. Do I have to re-doctor it, or is there something I could do with impostah to get it. It also says that the install file is 147MB not 53MB
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    Can't text when I paired my Veer. Go figure....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mibaksh View Post
    from here:

    go there and thank him
    Cool... I knew this info was somewhere, just buried in a thread somewhere... thanks for linking to it and hopefully this thread makes it easier for someone who has the same quesiton...

    I am a little worried about the kernel patches. i think I might revert any kernel patches before upgrading just in case...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistaox View Post
    Works with HTC EVO 3D
    You might want to clarify what works. We can pair the phones (most anyway) just fine. What we're looking for is an easy out of the box was to sent texts from the touchpad. The ability to take a call from the touchpad seems a bit silly.
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