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    Okay, I know you're supposed to uninstall themes before upgrading webOS but what about patches and uberkernal?

    Can I just leave them installed as-is and check for upgrades in a week or two via Preware?

    Any specific patches that might need to be removed before upgrading?

    Asking mostly for myself but also because I have 4 Touchpads out there that I patched/overclocked and gave out to family. I can handle any complications but they def can't.

    Thanks for the help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paging Dr B View Post
    You might want to clarify what works. We can pair the phones (most anyway) just fine. What we're looking for is an easy out of the box was to sent texts from the touchpad. The ability to take a call from the touchpad seems a bit silly.
    They did. It will work for texting as well following those instructions (with caveats). I have an EVO with a MikMik rom and it works although my texts will look like they did not go through but they do. They get the bubble error. Honestly, after I got it to work I never used it again. It was more of a "can I get it to work" kind of thing.
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    iPhone 4S works! TXT I don't would i check?
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    I seriously think searching the forum takes less time than typing this message...
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    Has anyone tried this with a Droid Incredible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by djphatjive View Post
    iPhone 4S works! TXT I don't would i check?

    Txt someone......
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    Actually I was hoping there would be useful replies here. Searching the forum which is filled with useless post and pages and pages does not help all the time. Especially since I posted this same question in about 4 different threads with no answer

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    <threads merged>

    It is advisable to wait 72 hours before running the update, while waiting the 72 hours please keep an eye on the forums and most importantly the webOS Internals twitter feed. (this information comes from Rod of webOS Internals.

    If you want more information than that please use the search and read relevant threads (don't forget the TouchPad Homebrew forums as well). All issues may not be known at first launch of an OTA update, even the folks under NDA with early access don't have access to an OTA update until the day it releases for everyone.
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    interesting, I never noticed that issue. Glad it fixed it before I ran into it though
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    Quote Originally Posted by mibaksh View Post
    from here:

    go there and thank him
    I didn't have any themes, and just the "usual suspects" as far as patches (basically from the Getting Started guide and no over-clocking) as I am not too techie or risky... and the update today bricked the TP. Ran the webOS doctor and am now waiting that to complete so I can start all over again...

    I recommend waiting a couple of days before installing the new version - just to make sure all the kinks get worked out.
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    I go straight to update without think twice about patches or new problems that may occur in new version.
    So far everything feels ok. Some patches & overclock not works anymore, but I'm not bothered much. Just wait couple days homebrew devs will update them ;-)

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    Very new to WebOS myself, did all the patches and tweaks in the Getting Started thread without any overclocking. Updated this morning with no issues whatsoever. Didn't remove anything first.
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    does this affect the alpha of android from CM7? If I update to this, will I still able to install android and dual boot fine?
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    a lot of users were saying there would be hdmi out in webos 3.0.4 .. so finally is there hdmi support?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thirsy1258 View Post
    Txt someone......
    sent from my thunderbolt
    and how would you do that?
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    Now if only they had added CalDAV support....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asheboy View Post
    and how would you do that?
    the messaging app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    the messaging app?
    Thank you.
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    I doubt it... I didn't think there was any hardware in here to actually do anything with it. Some folks pondered there would be some magic cable for the USB port... but I don't see that happening.

    I think it may have been that webos 3.0.4 itself could support HDMI, but it's unlikely that a softwware update will modify our hardware.
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    Funny, post-update I am not seeing some of my google calendars at all. I suspect it is maybe because I disabled all patches, including the google sync one, but was hoping it would be fixed on its own.
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