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    First of all I like webOS alot. Think I like it better than Android so far. Looks like the 3.0.4 update fixed alot of the issues. The web browser isn't perfect but seems to be a whole lot closer than it was. Didn't play around much with the rest yet as I've been kinda busy!

    Do system backup in webOS if you haven't done one recently.

    The Android port to TouchPad is pretty much functional but needs some more work. I think once the bugs are out it'll be even better. The ICS port if it ever comes to TouchPad will be the one people wanna use.

    I upgraded to 3.0.4 this AM and fixed my dual boot to CM7 but being anal wanted to start over fresh with both installs

    Thru trial and error I found the best way to do it at least for me.

    Start by wiping Android out by using the following guide. It is important that you follow it to the end including the web doctor part....Otherwise you won't regain the storage space even after the partitions are wiped. At least it's the easiest way for me as I tried a couple of diff ways that I couldn't get to work.

    Everything About Tablets | How to: Remove CynogenMod Android from your HP TouchPad

    This looks to be the best guide I could find that seems easy enough to follow it looks like.

    How to Install Android on Your HP Touchpad - How-To Geek

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