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    This is not connected to the 3.0.4 update - I'm having this problem since about two days and can't pinpoint the cause. (also, updating didn't help either)

    My default E-Mail account (which is just a basic POP account, as basic as they come) doesn't work anymore. At first I suspected my provider, but then I noticed that I can access the account from any other device (laptop, phone, web interface,...) without a problem. Touchpad, however, constantly reports "check username/password". I've re-entered those (along with all other settings) about a dozen times now, but nothing seems to help.

    Is this a known issue? Does anybody else have this problem?
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    I've found the reason and it's weird... I'll post it so if anybody ever has the same problem it'll help:

    i've changed the amount of days to be syncronised from 7 days to one month recently... Apparently that's what stopped the mail server fromrespomding. I have no idea why... Weird.

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