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    my TouchPad fell to the ground yesterday, from like 15 centimeters, not very high at all but it seems like the "vibration motor" in my TouchPad took this really hard...
    It makes awful sounds, i recorded it, hope you hear something.
    Do you think this is normal ? I can't really recognise this now, because i tested it so much that it feels normal now...

    Nils K.

    Sound File: (I muted and unmuted it two times)
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    That was barely audible, but since the vibration motor spins rapidly if you knocked it out of sorts then it wouldn't work properly.

    I would hope it could stand a little more punishment than you described though.
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    I installed webOS 3.0.4 while opening this thread and after my first manually reboot it sounds and feels normal. I don't know why but this reboot must have fixed that, though after the update it was all like before.
    I'll keep an eye on it this week...
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