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    I have preware installed on my TouchPad, should I doctor it to wipe everything, or just update? Either way, should I reinstall the Preware patches after the update?
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    You will find that your patches and kernel will not work after the update. You will have to update them when they are updated in preware. Most are updated within 24 hours but sometimes it takes longer depending on what the webOS update changed. You do not need to uninstall preware
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    Cool, since they won't work, I'll remove them before I update. I'll keep Preware though. Thanks.
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    i guess ill be copying this a lot into threads! You can leave the old patches... they will be updated accordingly.

    (P.S. Sorry mods just trying to help.)

    Quote Originally Posted by ncinerate View Post
    Many patches won't be immediately compatible with 3.0.4. It won't break anything if you update, it will simply effectively deactivate those patches. When they are updated, preware will show you new updated patches you can install that will reactivate the relevant patches.

    That said - I recommend performing the update. It's fixing a lot of annoying quirks and I'm loving 3.0.4 . It also makes several patches unnecessary - for example the touchpad sensitivity in 3.0.4 is remarkably improved which removes the need (in my opinion) of the "touchpad sensitivity" patch. Historically speaking, it usually takes a week or so for all the patches/overclocks/etc to get ported over to a new patch. You'll be back to normal very quickly.

    Bookmarks carry over, as to many other little tweaks you might have done (my "just type" message is still changed, for example). No harm in upgrading.
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