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    3.0.4 still loses keyboard settings after a luna reboot. If you define several keyboard-layouts they are all gone after a luna reboot.
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    Two issues noticed:

    1. Location Services are "sort of" fixed: they used to give me a whopping 391,... for Latitude in 3.0.2 (I am in Melbourne) now they still have the systemic error of +7.13 degrees, showing minus 31.67... LAT, and +145,14... longitude which is deep desert (no Wifi presumably).
    hp pre3, side by side, shows -37.82... and +145,14... Have Google screwed you up on latitude guys?

    2. Citrix Receiver is broken. Alas. It was a Tech Preview anyway...
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    3.0.4 update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! killing me softly

    i started all my application TP 32 gb from the scratches, spending all my day off in doing so

    i was very happy with the 3.0.2, what the hill let me do this , i do not know
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    3. Picasa Viewer hangs the system, home and power buttons stop working - left to discharge overnight
    I held both buttons and it restarted
    Now Picasa Viewer works
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    Pandora gives me distorted audio.
    Reboot solved the problem.
    I'll post back with an update if it continues.
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    I upgraded to 3.04 yesterday with patches and everything installed. I uninstalled everything today and re-installed. Now, I cannot find the "Advanced reset options" patch and I seem to have warthog installed but cannot adjust the CPU above stock 1.188 frequency. Anyone find that patch or have this problem?
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    Ran into the distorted audio bug. First noticed it on a youtube video then noticed it was there in angry birds and the card animation sounds. Restarted it and will see if it comes back.
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    cursor placement in an app catalog review produces artifacting of the cursor.

    This event seems to be only isolated in the app catalog review section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garykirk View Post
    Mine charges fine with the power switch to the left (landscape) or top (portrait). Does not charge in the other two orientations!!??
    It's only supposed to charge in those 2 positions. Are you using a cover? Which cover please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VitaminD View Post
    They lowered the sensitivity of the inductive sensor. With a case on, it will not charge in portrait mode (some report in neither orientation). Take the case off, and it charges without issue.
    Touchstone charging works fine for me in the HP case in either orientation after the upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boodaddyz View Post
    Just wiped my tablet with doctor, and I am getting a new error when trying to place a call. "Unable to connect. Cannot send voice over paired phone or no phone is paired".

    My phone is connected, and everything is working on that end, but nothing works. sigh...I might download the older web os docter and go back.
    Where can I get old webOS so I can go back to 3.0.2 (I can't charge anymore using the touchstone)?
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    Seems that battery life has decreased. Especially overnight when an email notification causes the home button to flash.

    But overall, it seems to be higher energy consumption. Perhaps the raised the minimum CPU threshold to make things snappier?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodWulf View Post
    POP e-mail Trash folder no longer has menu option to Empty Trash???
    I use multiple IMAP email accounts with Trash folders and can confirm that the 'Empty Trash" left menu item has disappeared.

    Called HP Butler service and they have confirmed that this is a change with the 3.04 update. They did not say whether it was deliberate or inadvertent.

    Suggest you call and tell them this is a must have feature that must be put back.

    Would be nice to get a patch for this in the interim. (assuming there will be another update in future?!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhargett View Post
    So, to my great surprise WebOS 3.0.4 deleted my music, my videos, trashed my Preware install so I can't uninstall patches and I receive a list of errors about missing feeds. Not surprisingly, the patches don't work, and my Cyanogen alpha is gone, but I can tolerate that. All I can say is that when HP releases an OS update they don't mess around.

    Not asking for answers, just a word of warning for anybody wondering if updating is a good idea.
    I feel I'm starting to sound like a Memphis bluesman with the list of ways 3.0.4 done me wrong:

    Updated list
    *Deleted my music
    *Dumped my videos
    *Neutered Preware
    *Disabled CyanogenMod7 Alpha (but left hard drive allocation)
    *Wiped game high scores
    *Broke the sound in SuperSonic HD game (jewels now sound like small explosions)
    *Nullified homebrew
    *Trashed Amazon Kindle (can't open any of my books, tells me to archive and re-download, still won't work)
    *Wrecked GrooveShark so it won't play consecutive tracks, hangs 30 sec before track ends
    *Burns up battery 20% faster now.
    *Having sound distortion issue, restarting pulseaudio fixes, but annoying
    *Drops wifi pretty regularly

    So, a few problems, but other than that, I'm loving the new camera feature and B/T syncing with my phone... except my wife says the sound is garbled when I use the TP as my BlueTooth "headset."

    I guess I am also lucky in that I can still charge on the TouchStone with the case on.
    EDIT: I have the HP Touchpad case. I thought I had posted this, but forgot that my original post never went because my browser crashed.

    Sorry, but 3.0.4 wasn't worth the havoc visited upon my poor, defenseless TouchPad. It's slower, the volume is too quiet now, that stinkin' ripple is back. I'm sure it's logging like mad once again and it ruined just about everything I use it for.

    Way to go, HP.
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    No problems here. I downloaded it at work through wi-fi and everything works fine. When I got home there seemed to be a pause like symptom in the past with cmcast wi-fi but no more its smooth!
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    Lost App Catalog bookmarks

    Before updating to 3.0.4 I had ~90 bookmarked apps. After it was down to 48. Today I started bookmarking some apps on the 'New' tab with filtering set to 'All Apps' and 'TouchPad'. I was up to ~75 bookmarks then I viewed the details for an app. Upon hitting the back button the app list went blank. I selected 'Free' then 'New' and the list came back. But my bookmark count dropped to 50. The lost bookmarks were a mix of old ones and some of the new one I created during this session.

    I deleted all bookmarks and restarted the App Catalog. After adding 65 bookmarks I restarted the App Catalog again. Bookmark count was back down to 50.

    I updated to App Catalog 5.0.2210. It fixes the promo code bug. But the bookmark problem still exists. Here's a new scenario:

    1) Add bookmarks in excess of 50
    2) Goto the Bookmarks tab

    Result: bookmark count will drop back to 50
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    Bugville game doesn't detect touch input once the app is first opened. Must press home button to go into card view then maximize the app. After maximizing app, touch input is then recognized, although it takes a second or 2 for the event to register. Once game is loaded, the touch input events register correctly.

    Have not checked other games from Glu Mobile besides this one...

    UPDATE: Gun Bros is laggy but all touch events register correctly. I deleted and reinstalled Bugville to which the touch events responded more quickly but still took longer pre-3.0.4 update. I've encountered the audio bug other users are having. Starting the "pulse audio restarter" app fixes the issue.
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    All my bookmarks in the browser on my Pre Minus are gone.

    I am not positive, but I believe it happened when I updated my TouchPad to 3.0.4 77.

    I notice that when I make a new calendar entry on either device, the other device gets it almost instantly. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised if my Pre reads my TouchPad and notices there are no bookmarks, and decides to erase its own bookmarks! Feature or Bug? Truth or Dare? or ?
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    I'm using the Targus Truss case and can no longer charge using the touchstone. It would be very helpful if people are posting about whether or not they can charge if they stated what case they have. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by modelck View Post
    Have not checked other games from Glu Mobile besides this one...

    Jump O'Clock by Glu seems to work just fine with 3.0.4 77 (although the rules still say you are supposed to collect "bolts" when they sure look like "nuts" to me!)
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