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    It's maddening, and nowhere near consistent. I just turned mine off. I haven't gotten mad at webOS in a really long time, but this takes the cake. Hope they get it fixed, or at least roll it back to the old version. Personally, I thought the last one worked well, once I added enough words into it.

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    I was/am running completely stock, and since updating to 3.0.4 the Text Assist has gone completely bonkers while typing in web text boxes. I will monitor how it works over the next week or so (if learning lessens the need to retype) or remove Text Assist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MobileBill23 View Post
    I had all patches removed before updating - in fact, I removed them all a few weeks ago because I wanted to go native, although I never got around to doctoring to go completely stock.

    It's funny, because auto-correct is behaving now and I did a reboot not too long ago. But I'm also typing slowly and deliberately. Just tried typing nowhere and the change to house didn't happen. Maybe it's just a glitch that goes away after another reboot.

    It was pretty funny to watch it, it was like my TouchPad had a mind of its own!
    I thought it was gone, but it happened again last night. It seems to be better though, if not perfect.
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    Agreed. This MUST be addressed ASAP.

    I have never had so much difficulty composing one damn sentence. He'll, one damn word, as with the new and improved sensitivity and over-responsiveness that seems to be built into the auto-correct on this update. I can't believe how long it took me to write the word 'flawlessly'. Before getting halfway done spelling it (correctly I might add), about 5 different words (that had no relevance whatsoever) kept popping up trying to take its place, then practically refusing to give me back my intended word.

    Damn, auto-correct! Back the hell off! I NEVER had this much trouble from auto-correct before this update.
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    Feels ok here.

    laggy => soggy
    houseung => insuring

    This written on the TouchPad's browser.

    And because I'm German: The German text assist does a good job, too. At least on my device here.

    Just realized: "Atleast" becomes corrected to "Already". Could be done better but is not so bad.
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    wow, took me ten min to type 2 sentences :-(
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    Maybe we need to learn German?
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    How about anyone experiencing the problem use the webOS doctor (when it is released)
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    Got the bug here too. It seems to come and go. It was going crazy earlier but now its working like it should. Hopefully an update or patch is released. Maybe an extra button in the browser or maybe squeeze a button in the top row of the keyboard to toggle text assist on or off to make it quick and easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    it seems to go crazy when I type to fast in a browser... Automatically capitalizes any word it corrects. Argh.
    I haven't typed much since the update but I've experienced the auto-capitalization and I've also noticed the word-change phenomenon as I type.

    Seems to occur when typing fast.
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    This truly is horrible. I was trying to type a word (I think "perfect") and it was tossing out P.O. BOX and all sorts of oddball stuff totally screwing up my writing.

    Insanely bad autocorrect. Hope HP addresses it sometime soon. Until then, it is -OFF-.
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    I never used it in the first place, just turned it back off again.
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    I have doctored my touchpad and I can confirm that my auto correct problems have disappeared.

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    What do you mean "I doctored my touchpad"? You reinstalled 3.0.4 from a USB link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan sh View Post
    What do you mean "I doctored my touchpad"? You reinstalled 3.0.4 from a USB link?

    Yes, he installed the latest version of webOS Doctor on his PC and reinstalled webOS 3.0.4

    You can find that here

    WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    Ive turned my auto correct off too. I found it worse when you were typing names of books/movies etc and it was just changing it to completely different words. ie, i typed in Shantaram in facebook and it changed it to Manhatten! Umm.

    It should underline the wrong word and let you change it if you want, not change it first and then you have to change it back to what you want.

    Ill do without thanks and just admit ill make the odd spelling mistake.
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    Hi, I am on the opposite because I LOVE IT! Before the update, I have turned it off all the time. After the update, it turns on by default. So I simply give it a try... Sure, some words I rather the auto-correct to stay out of my way but even if does, a simple tap on it would not ruin my day either. In my worst case scenario, the "extra taps" would be "even out" by the typos it has corrected.
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    ...and it doesn't like for me to ever type the word "bible." I think I'll turn it off.
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    for those of you who are looking for a doctor. The fastest way to get it is go to your webOS profile online. You can download the doctor from there.

    after you update via OTA, your profile will show that you have that webOS version. You can download it from there.
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