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    Quote Originally Posted by z0g View Post
    Does the update enable the camera in chatroulette?
    still doesn't for me on 3.0.4 atleast when using advanced browser.
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    Is the refreshing issue on the BBC site fixed?
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    After the 3.04 update, I noticed that the automatic backups work again: It backups each night (for me that is in EST). The backup app also looks slightly different. The last backup date and time now show up under the text, instead of above..
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    My tp does not auto regcognize hp printer anymorr
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    If you do *NOT* want to do the automatic update, and don't want to keep hitting "Install Later" then the following did appear to work for me.

    First, you must make sure you have the preware jar stuff installed on your PC, and can navigate it to get a command prompt on your TP, (or alternatively, can ssh in). I am not covering that here, search for it on these forums and on the web.

    Then, when you have a shell on your TP, do the following:

    cd /usr/bin
    chmod -x UpdateDaemon

    and then reboot.

    You may also need to do the remount as suggested here:

    and elsewhere. I already had my TP in developer mode so that may have obviated the requirement to remount the partition rw.

    Anyhow, I rebooted, and voila! No further prompts to update. I am now happy *NOT* updating to 3.0.4 where the things I want to work won't.

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards

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    Two plus points from me - the zoom to column feature (double tap) works very well now, and the Australian ABC iView site now works reasonably well. But the HP Bluetooth keyboard is playing up badly with very unpredictable results - I have had to use the on screen keyboard to finish this post.
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    This is a test of the Bluetooth keyboard and now it seems to be working correctly. I turned it off using the tiny switch on the back of the keyboard, waited a bit and turned it back on, and now all seems to be well - phew.
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    Going back on your browser works now. Before, for example on this forum, you'd have to manually refresh after going back to see latest posts. Now they are automatically refreshed.
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    New 3.0.4 UberKernel and Govnah are available in Preware now. The Touchpad screams at 1.5GHz. Most apps load very quickly. The browser is very quick to load now, and text based sites load as fast as a 2 year old desktop. Scrolling seems to be silky smooth in most apps, including the browser.

    The experience continues to get better and better. Why did HP stop hardware again? Idiots.
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    Does anybody getting update **???? mine has Update available... i have not updated yet... i thought it will be as this thread discussion. Is my TP system *update* behind and has to follow order of updates in order? Appreciate any help..TIA
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