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    Okay, here's some drama:

    So I purchased a TP keyboard from the HP website along with some TouchStones. The TouchStones are amazing; the keyboard arrived broken [hair-trigger card view key that would go off if barely brushed].

    I opened a web chat on my TP and was directed to the phone line. I called and was told they needed a FAX [?!?] of my email receipt for the purchase. The fax number I was given didn't work--another round of chat and phone. Finally the fax went through. They got the proof of purchase and opened an order, telling me to ship [at my expense] the busted keyboard to their repair center.

    That was weeks ago, and when I contacted them tonight they insisted that the package hasn't arrived. I shipped via USPS Priority Mail, no tracking number [I know I know]. Another round of chat and phone.

    Finally after [politely] complaining about how much I've bent over backwards for HP, the rep informed me that the issue was being added to their "hotlist" and was going to the "logistics department," who would have a "status update" for me in 1 or 2 days.

    My question is, does anybody know what the jargon in that last paragraph means? Are they actually considering just giving me the working keyboard that I paid for, or are they just stringing me along?

    I can go to the Post Office I dropped off the package at in a few days, would that be worthwhile? As I said, the package unfortunately has no tracking [or insurance].

    Finally, if hindsight is all I have to go on, should I have done an exchange through the HP website storefront instead?
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    It means it is break time and I have to go.

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