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    You launch the calculator on your TouchPad and ask your friend to tap in any 4 digit number and then tap the multiply button. Then you ask them to tap in another 4 digit number and ask them to hit multiply again. You ask them to do it one more time and then finally hit the equals button to get the answer. The answer just happens to match a number you predicted or just happens to be your mobile number or just happens to be today's date.

    Set Up:
    Launch the calculator app and type in a long number you want to be the final result.
    EG: A date or birthday such as 25061976 or a mobile number such as 07672366521 or any random number. Next press the plus symbol (+), followed by zero (0), followed by the multiply button (). That's it. The display reads zero but a sum is in operation. Minimise the calculator but leave the card active. Do not flick it away to close it. You may want to disguise the fact the calculator app is already open by making sure the card is stacked behind another one or at the end of a row of open cards.

    Say to your friend you want to try out a trick. Launch the calculator app by finding it's icon in your launcher page. Once launched, it will appear to be at zero and normal but the secret sum is ready to continue. Ask your friend to tap in any 3 or 4 digit number and then hit multiply. You can ask them to repeat this again with a new number or get a second person to tap in their number of choice and then tap multiply. Finally this is done one more time with a third random number but this time equals is pressed. The long digit is your answer. Recap that random numbers were multiplied with eachother to get a grand total. Now reveal the total to be special ;-)

    If it the total is the birth date of the person you are trying the trick on ask them if the total means anything to them? If it is just a random number you could open up your memo app and find one note titled PREDICTION and with the number predicted in the memo.

    This could work with the pre phone calc but I don't have a pre to test it. Definitely works with iphone calculator.

    Why This Works:
    The prediction number + (0 x ???? x ???? x ????) = prediction number. So no matter how many numbers you multiply with 0, it will always be 0.

    Best way to remember the secret set up formula is remember the word toxic - first three letters match the symbols - tox (+0)
    So enter prediction number then +0

    Have fun!
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    that's funny
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    Quote Originally Posted by residentcomedian View Post
    I don't have a question mark on any of my calculators.
    I see you are living up to your username mister :-P

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