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    Hello All,

    I need some opinions on this. OnSale has contacted to me tonight about buying a TP from them. My original order of two 16GB was cancelled, then during the second chance to get one 32GB - OnSale and I had a falling out, and I cancelled my order. Last week, they contacted me again about placing this order. I have hesitated on purchasing because some claimed that they think they got used TPs from OnSale. I started a thread asking, and most people said their TP was new.

    Well, I just got a voice mail from OnSale a few minutes ago. I am debating what to do. I already have my own TP; I bought a demo from Wal-mart. I wanted a few more as gifts, preferably 16GB, as all of these purchases are adding up. I have two 32GB coming in from HP SMB, and I did sign up to be notified by HP when they had more in stock. Now, I can get one from OnSale.

    My original orders were two 16GBs from OnSale and two 32GBs from HP. I really only wanted one 32 for myself, and 16GBs for other people -but I was just trying to make sure I got SOMETHING.

    Do you all think that HP will have 16GBs available at the end of the month (and I should trust that I WILL get a new product) and I should just hold off on OnSale - or do I snatch up another TP for what would probably be another $166.00?

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    Don't "count" on HP. It sounds like you have all you need so the decision should really be--do you want another one?
    If you do and onsale does not deliver, I assume you can always dispute with your credit card co if onsale does not refund.
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    If you're interested in loading the new Android port on it and don't want to risk losing data on your regular TP, then by all means, get another one.

    This is what I did. One TP for regular everyday fun stuff and another TP for the new Android port.
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    Go for it.

    Worse come to worse, you can sell it and lose nothing. If they don't deliver, you can dispute it with your CC.

    There doesn't appear to be anything to lose.
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    True - at least two of these I will not ship off until the end of the year - if it turns out that I decide not to not give as gifts, I can sell, and hopefully get what I paid for them. No, the issue not whether I want/need for myself. I am enjoying my lil demo here. One of the issues is cost - for what I will shell out for four 32GBs, I could have gotten 6, since no one I am giving these to will need 32GB. I thought I would have, but I am hardly using the space. Same as with my 32GB iphone - I have had the thing for nearly 2 years and I still have 27GB free, same as I have on my TP. . Also, I have a feeling that come next month.... something really special is going to happen with TPs or another tablet, and not just the Kindle Fire. In Aug. had someone offered me 6 TPs, it would have been a no brainer. Now, I have fear about purchasing my 4th one - but I think I will go ahead and do it. Hell, I have already purchased all the accessories for all of them!
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    I got one from OnSale after they had cancelled my order. It was 100% brand new with 3.0.2.
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    Wow, great thread. I hope you get the answers to this major predicament that you have. What is the next thread gonna be about? Who to give all these touchpads too?

    oh, and no, don't buy another one from onsale, since you hate them and all.
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    "You already know what you want to do" says the all-knowing, all-seeing mystic of unconscious process....


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