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    I use it for almost all of my news gathering. Its like a futuristic newspaper! I read all of my email on it as well.
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    Things that I prefer doing on the TouchPad over a regular computer/laptop...

    * Reading case studies and Powerpoints for grad school
    * Sitting in bed while doing the stuff listed below

    Things that I do on the TouchPad because I'm not near a computer...

    * Web surfing
    * E-mail
    * Facebook

    I really don't have much interest watching videos/movies on my TouchPad (or phone or computers). If I actually remember, I may listen to, NPR, or sports talk radio on it.
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    Games for the kids, games for my wife, and games for me. The jigsaw puzzle game is excellent.

    Also movies and music. We use touchplayer.

    No wi-fi at our house, but it still makes a really great device.
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    I use the TouchPad for surfing the internet and listening to Pandora.
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    I use the Touchpad for just about everthing that i used to do on the laptop at home - emails, web surfing, movies and tv - everything except editing documents and spreadsheets for work - quickoffice is ok for viewing but not really up to editing. To just relax and surf the web, the Touchpad is by far my preferred machine now - can lie back on the couch (even in the bathroom...)
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    I use mine for everything! In fact, it's *almost* replaced my laptop (tablets aren't so great for content creation, but they rock for consumption). Facebook, Netflix (via splashtop), news reading, PDF viewing, video watching, music playing--everything, almost everywhere (even the bathroom). It's not perfect for viewing movies in bed, but it sure beats my clumsy laptop.
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    I use it for all sorts of things:
    - Viewing pictures - the screen on the TouchPad is fantastic; pictures look much better than on my computer screen. I started by going to photo websites (slooow), but now I use Pix and Flickr Addict. I lull myself to sleep by lying in bed and viewing some the best photography on the internet and listening to calming music in TuneIn.
    - Watching TV (you can usually watch the networks' website but Video Flood HD will get you there much more quickly). A few websites (like CBS) don't work very well, but others work fantastic. Some shows like South Park have every episode ever made available for free.
    - Checking & responding to web forums (like this one). Browsing is a bit slow, but those pages aren't graphics-heavy so they load fast.
    - Reading articles on Reddit using a Reddit app.
    - Watching movies - you can get free movies on Crackle, or convert DVDs. It's not HP's fault that your Apple video only plays on Apple devices (they do that to lock you in). Get the DVD for those movies from your library and convert them to a useful format.
    - Listen to music. I got a free code for Music Player Remix, which is better for a large music library than the stock player. You can also play from Google or Amazon Cloud, and just about any website with a player.
    - Reading free books on Kindle, or listening to free audiobooks
    - Facebook - the app is pretty good
    - E-mail
    - Other stuff I would normally do on the PC. I download a pirated album or FTP it from my computer, then uncompress the RAR file and move the files to the music directory on my TP, listen to it. I can even it from Amazon or browse around for prices from other web store. I'm a music fans so I'm always trying & buying new music.

    Tablets are big enough that you don't need an app to use a web site. iPhone apps make sense because of the small screen, but many iPad apps exist simply because Apple refuses to support Flash. Many of the apps I use on the TP are things I could do with the browser but the app makes it faster (web surfing on this thing is too slow). The biggest problem with the TP browser is that a few sites refuse to work if they don't recognize your browser, and the TP browser is relatively obscure. If Comcast & Hulu didn't cut off support for the browser, the number of free shows & movies available to me would be huge.

    Probably the biggest hurdle for me was accepting that most decent TP apps cost money. Then I realized it was dumb to get a $500 tablet for $150 and not use it to save ~$15. Most of these apps only cost a couple of bucks.

    I really don't understand how people can't find a use for this thing.
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    Checking/responding to emails
    Following Precentral and webOS Roundup pages and Forums
    Games (Word Search, Slice It, crosswords)
    e-Reading (Cutting for Stone most recently)
    No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced
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    Streaming movies (ABC iView works well, for example)
    SNES/NES/N64 emulation
    Splashtopping to my desktop
    PDF reading, although it ain't ideal

    I would suggest anyone bored with it should either put it up for sale and get something more suited to their requirements or consider chucking an Android build on it (once stable).

    Now is the time to sell, I would say.
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    I use mine as an alternate to my phone (ie: email, facebook, general internet surfing, remote to desktop), and tethering from my pre. I also use it for watching movies, usually via my desktop, playing games, keeping my 7 month entertained (or as a means for her to practice crawling to the object!), e-reader. It always goes with me, and I always have it nearby. I can't go to my desktop everytime I need to do a general search, the pre is a little too small to read blogs and such, and with a 7 month old, I can't answer emails (generally for work) whenever I'd like. With the touchpad, I'm right there, and can answer them as they come in - in whatever room I'm in. I stay home with her during the day, so its very useful - and I can always access my desktop if I need to with splashtop. oh, and she loves the "art of glow", keeps her entertained for a while.
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    Use mine as a bedside companion to
    browse internet, catchup on news, various forums, weather etc
    read email
    watch movies using KalemSoft media player (working great for me)
    listen to radio stations from round the world (even though I don't understand the language)
    jot down thoughts, ideas
    For the firesale price that I paid, the TouchPad has met all my expectations. I am glad I bought it and am very content with result.
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    I didn't have touch pad yet. I have the plans to buy touch pad soon. You know my friends has this. Who is using for chatting and social networking. Nowadays even reading book he is using Touch pad.
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