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    I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble with this. As far as I know there isn't a Crackle app for WebOS. Video Flood is an app that pulls feeds from a lot of sources and Crackle is one of them. Crackle also has an YouTube channel that you can try, Crackle's Channel - YouTube .

    What country are you in and what are your TP and PC pinging as. I am in the USA (NJ to be more specific) and all of my identifiers show as US. I had never had a problem with Crackle before, but I was just poking around randomly to try to find your problem, and hit a show that wouldn't play. The error was a country restriction.
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    I am thinking there is some kind of cache or cookies problem here too, as I play crackle just fine in the browser. Did you install the private browsing patch and try opening crackle in private browsing (keeps browser from saving session cookies)? I wasn't aware of a crackle application at all. I would delete that as you don't need a separate App, you should be able to get in straight from the browser.
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    Hi, Thanks for your response. I'm in the US...NY. I'll try the private browsing tonight when I get home. However I just tried Crackle from a friend's TouchPad today and it didn't work for him either. To make my life worse I just upgrade to the new webos and now when I launch preware I get an error. I click ok to go by the error but now 'Available packages' and 'Package updates' are grayed out with no counts. Some days nothing seems to go well
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    Ever get it took work? I am having this issue too?
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    I just tried watching Real Genius on Crackle on my TP and it worked fine. Http://

    I did update to 3.0.4 and I am using the stock browser. I have the following installed: Unthrottle Download Manager. Remove Clear Bookmarks, Reduce Minimum Brightness, Just Charge Button, Increase Sensitivity and smoothness, Faster Card Animations, Advanced Rest. Add Download link, More Standby times, Add Launcher Tabs, and Hulu Fix.

    Check to see how yours differs. Maybe your missing something or have something that is causing a problem.

    I would guess Hulu fix and Unthrottle might be needed. Also any of the ad blockers are a problem.
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    Thanks bs03, I will try that
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    Thanks for bringing this site to my attention! It's great!

    I don't know why it's not working for you. I have 3.0.4, stock browser, UK, a mix of other patches, no Hula fix.
    -- Bring back DateBk!!

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    I'm running 3.0.4 with no patches or overclocking. I have no problem watching movies on Crackle. Same thing when I was running 3.0.2 and Uberkernel (no other patches).
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    I figured it out, I had Block Pop Ups set on my Browser, so it would not play, fixed it NICE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by texasflood View Post
    Crackle plays for me, with, or without, video flood. Works fine in my browser to. Sorry but I don't know why it works for me an not some others.
    i was able to use Crackle until recently. I haven't changed any settings on my hp touchpad. Any idea why it stopped working?
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    Same here. It doesn't work through Video Flood or my browser.
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    Just load Crackle through the Google Chrome web app, it not only works on the Touchpad it has a really slick interface also.

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