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    Please help!!! My HP Touchpad no longer responds to anything even though it can reboot and display the home screen just fine.

    Symptom Description:

    1. TP doesn't respond to any button press of "Power", "Volume Up", "Volume Down", and "Home".
    2. TP doesn't respond to any screen touch either.
    3. The home screen then go dark after a couple minutes, and won't come up again since TP doesn't respond to any touch and button press.
    4. Plug in USB cable connecting to either power adapter or PC would bring the home screen back but again not respond to any touch or button press.
    5. Plug in USB cable to connect to PC, TP would popup dialog asking whether "USB Drive", or "Close", but since touch no longer works, the dialog would stay there forever and I can see the USB drive on Windows PC.
    6. Even screen goes dark, TP is running as I can hear alert ringtone when a new email arrives.
    7. Wifi works fine.
    8. Only way to shutdown is to press down both "Power" and "Home" buttons for longer than 15 seconds. And TP always restarts itself after shutdown.

    Background Information:

    1. It's TP 32GB with WebOS 3.0.2 OTA upgrade.
    2. It had F15C kernel installed back in beginning of September, it's running flawlessly since then until last night.
    3. Right before this problem occurred, it was on low battery (10% left) while I was connecting it using USB cable to PC since I thought such USB connection would charge the TP but I was deadly wrong!
    4. While the battery was kept draining (I didn't realize) I used Preware to install several applications, during which process I believe TP ran out battery entirely.
    5. I plugged in TP to power adapter - after a couple of minutes it started its bootup screen and entered this problem mode since then.
    6. I can run WebOS Quickinstall on PC - and was able to uninstall apps on TP, as I tried this morning - but uninstalling apps that I thought I installed last night did not help resolve the problem.
    7. Since TP won't be in shut down mode - I can't re-flash it (by pressing volume up and power buttons together).

    Any suggestions to fix this problem without reinstalling everything? I can handle command line instruction if that's needed. Where can I find a complete instruction as how to re-flash the kernel?

    Thank you all and looking forward to any comments!

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    I would suggest that you doctor it to see if that resolves it.

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