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    I was in Bestbuy the other day, and a wireless keyboard caught my eye. I thought it would be nice to have a keyboard for my TouchPad. But, at the last minute, I remembered that all the keyboards I had seen for the TouchPad were Bluetooth, and this one wasn't. It had a little dongle to plug into the computer. That got me to wondering if we are limited to Bluetooth for an external keyboard, or will the TouchPad pair with a standard wifi keyboard?
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    The keyboard you saw wasn't Wifi. There aren't to my knowledge any wifi keyboards Wifi is a networking standard, and does not refer to just anything that is wireless. The keyboard was probably your typically proprietary Logitech wireless connection. They stick with that because they don't have to pay any licensing fees like they do on their Bluetooth models.

    But more to your question, yes, you are "limited" to Bluetooth keyboards. Bluetooth is more of the true standard for these lower bandwidth wireless peripherals like input devices. There are plenty of Bluetooth keyboard options from small, compact keyboards (like the one from HP or from Apple), super small foldable keyboards, or full size desktop keyboards.

    Shop around. Probably much better places to shop than just your local BestBuy.
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