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    Hi All

    I have had a "Panda Pad" 64GB for a few weeks.
    I have an A-Case cover.
    I have launched the TP from the passenger seat into the footwell a couple of times (!)
    I have not been THAT careful with it, but is has never dropped onto a hard surface, been sat on, or anything like that.

    I DO NOT have the dreaded "Speaker cracks".

    Oh, no. I have a honking great big crack on the Right hand side, midway down the (portrait) length... starting at the screen, and curling almost the whole way to the back of the TP.

    When did this first show up, you might ask?

    I discovered it this evening, as i lifted the TP off an overnight & day-long charge on the Touchstone. It is the first time the TP has been on the TS for such a long time.

    Coincidence, or "the missing link"... is heat from charging causing TP cracks?

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    I think it is just coincidence. I along with many others have cracks and don't even own a touchstone.
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    Sounds like a job for Adam & Jamie
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    I had my cracks before I got my touchstone.
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    yeah touchstone has nothing to do with cracks.
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    Thanks for the feedback, folks

    P|C rules!


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