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    What in the world? i rebooted and everything installed is gone. whats up? no preware, no govnah ect

    edit: if i go through the pics and videos tab i cn find a video i downloaded with video flood and play it through the video flood player... but there is no video flood app icon on my touchpad. all of the games and apps do not have icons. i cant find anything.
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    same thing happened to me all the preware *patches* are gone but preware and govmah is still there and mistakes are because this was on the touchpad
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    I feel your pain.

    This happened to me once, after I had installed Preware. I was changing my kernel from Uber back to stock. Shocked to see all my apps were gone after a manual reboot.

    Ended up redownloading all the apps from the catalogue. All the paid ones reinstalled fine without having to purchase again.

    Maybe there was a faster way but this was in the early days of my TP ownership.

    I didn't get upset with HP, more with myself as figured this was something with Preware. It does warn you to be prepared to accept your TP may need to be restored or doctored on the occasion something goes horribly wrong.

    Glad to report that this was the only time it happened, hasn't reoccured since.

    Just my 2c :-)

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    rebooted again I hope?

    the closest I had to this was all my packages disappeared in preware.
    I used this:

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