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    the more I want to touchpad! Long live the TouchPad!
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    <quote deleted by staff>

    The webos keyboard is far better than the android keyboard. I just put cm7 on mine and I am not impressed with the android tablet experience. Webos make a hundred times more sense on a tablet, unless ice cream sandwhich is far better or webos completely fizzles out I am going to stay on webos. As far as the browser, yeah it's a bit slow on webos but it's not lightning fast on android either. Given time to mature and a legitimate company behind it, webos would crush android in tablet usability, IMHO of course.
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    The Touchpad keyboard is probably the best one on a mobile device today. And certainly the best laid out.
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    the more I hear android on touchpad and laugh. Poor souls...
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    Agreed. I've enjoyed the webOS experience on my TouchPad so much that I decided to give the Pre3 a shot as my next phone. Sure it's looking like a bit of technological dead-end, but usability is usability. I'll give it a fair shot and see how the war between the big two+1 (Apple, Google, plus Microsoft) looks in a year.

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    Hey OP, I'm using my 32GB TouchPad and 16GB Pre3 so much as well !

    Maybe I'm not like others who are dissatisfied with the platforms availability of apps, performance quirks and all the other disappointing news around its future. For now, seriously the combination of both webOS devices has me set for my mobile computing needs for the next year maybe two.

    At this moment I'm hooked to the internet using my Pre 3 as a mobile hotspot because I'm roaming. Music is pumping through to a Jawbone JamBox Bluetooth speaker, I've got several apps open including Spaz Twitter client to keep my eye on the Rugby World Cup, a couple of browser windows, Adobe PDF reader, my email client checking on work and personal email, and typing this message in the Communities app. Oops I just received a SMS and its piped it through to my TP's notification bar. Later on I'm going to read more of the book I'm currently reading on the Kindle app, maybe watch a movie or read a motorcycle magazine I downloaded yesterday. I'm constantly delighted with the developer community who continue to publish apps.

    Truly, I'm very, very, very happy with this setup. I'm semi reassured that I have a spare 8GB pre 3 and 32 GB TP tucked away in the event of a hardware catastrophe.

    I would love some other apps made available for the platform, like Evernote and Amplitube. Desperately waiting on Piscel SmartOffice. Life isn't perfect. The fly in the ointment is my constant checking for webOS news which has been anything but reassuring. Oh well, I'm going to enjoy this ride for as long as it lasts !

    Peace ! ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    The Touchpad keyboard is probably the best one on a mobile device today. And certainly the best laid out.
    But 'OH!'.. where ARE those 'Arrow keys'?

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    I came from an Motorola Xoom to the HP Touchpad. Now apart from overclocking and installing Advanced Browser, I didn't need to anything to make it usable whereas on the Xoom I had to constantly put new ROMS on it to make it more usable and even then it had shortcomings. The keyboard types not as smooth, Swype is way better (the HC-version). But even then, the multi-tasking on HC was glitchy, as was the whole use. Cluttered also. So the TP has some shorter battery life then the Xoom, but from all the love, rest and smoothness I get from webOS, I don't care.
    And my Motorola BT-keyboard works fine on the TP

    The only thing that I do miss on my TP is an MSN-client or Synergy for MSN so I can chat with my MSN-friends like on the PC. On the Xoom, I used Trillian for that and loved it. But on the TP, I haven't managed to find any except for IM+, but IM+ is not tablet-optimized so I'm not gonna spend my money on it.
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    I never used WebOS before I bought my fire sale Touchpad but I love it , just sold my galaxy 2 and bought a 16gb pre 3 , love WebOS and hope its here to stay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutoidi View Post
    But 'OH!'.. where ARE those 'Arrow keys'?

    Why do you want virtual arrow keys on a virtual keyboard on a touch screen device? Just tap where you want the cursor to go. Sure it isn't always accurate in cursor placement, but I'll do that over losing more screen real estate on four arrow buttons on the virtual keyboard. That's what a physical bluetooth keyboard is for.

    As a compromise option though, it would be nice to see this added to the L keyboard size. Would be horrific on the XS keyboard

    Quote Originally Posted by Divine_Madcat View Post
    How anyone can accept the WebOS browser is beyond me. There are a large number of sites that it will not open, and has massive bugs (pages will get corrupted if they are over a certain length, reloading a page will put you back at the top, cookies commonly dont work right, etc).

    I enjoyed certain things about WebOS (easily closing apps, easily seeing what was running), but that was it. I think when people get an ICS build, they will really see what the TP can do (and should have done in the first place).
    I look forward to seeing ICS ported to the TouchPad, but until that day when it comes out in a stable beta form (which is likely at least 4-6 months from now), I'm 100% fine on webOS.

    I've had my device for almost 2 moonths now like most other fire salers, and I can honestly count on one hand the number of websites that it didn't render. We clearly browse totally different sides of the internet.

    Quote Originally Posted by mannersless View Post
    I find that hard to believe or a really extreme choice. Sold your galaxy to buy an unsupported device that will be even less supporter than the touchpad. Makes no sense to me.
    Makes sense to me. webOS - in many users eyes, certainly not everyone's, clearly not your's - is just extremely usable. Selling an SGS2 now is also the prime time to sell it for top dollar, whereas you can score a TouchPad and Pre3 for probably about what you could sell an SGS2 for. Value for the money! Not everything is about having 100000 fart apps, though I'll be the first to admit the webOS catalog could use some padding.

    For what it does out of the box, it does it extremely well. For what I need a phone/tablet to do, I can find most of the apps to do that. For someone like me, it's a fine system... For today at least. In 1-2 years? If no one steps up to really develop webOS and requisite hardware, well, most of us will probably see a greener pasture elsewhere in many things in life over that time span. This is just a frakkin' phone we're talking about here.
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    Palm lineage:
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    I have the original droid phone, and a 7" android tablet, but I absolutely love my touchpad. It rocks.
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    I have been using my TouchPad now for over 2 months and I love it too! Why can't people just stay on topic, this thread is about users that like their TouchPads. If you people are going to troll the threads 24/7 just to insert their negative comments towards webOS at least you can jump in ones on topic. BTW, feel free on helping someone with a question now and then.
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    I think everyone here has some pretty valid points. WebOS is quite good by itself, but the app framework needs some serious help in the performance department. From what we've heard of people talking about the unreleased as of yet versions, it sounds like that is getting addressed, but it can't possibly come soon enough. I love the system, I pretty much hate how slowly most everything responds (I may be an extreme user, with hundreds of things open in messenger and dozens of email folders, nearly a thousand contacts . . ) and I'm not moving to android unless I get a fantastic deal on hardware like I did here. I may install one of the androids here when they are a little more fleshed out, and along with my ios devices that I have for work, that should pretty much cover the holy trinity of mobile devices, so I can truly work on all of them. I have a feeling that even if I did have an ipad 2 on hand (soon?) I'll still do most of my personal stuff with webOS and probably relegate the iPad to being a development machine and a fourth monitor (please splashing come out with x-desktop for touchpad please please)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutoidi View Post
    But 'OH!'.. where ARE those 'Arrow keys'?

    The TouchPad Bluetooth Wireless keyboard has great arrow keys.

    I use them all of the time.
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    I used to own a pre plus, then bought a pre 2. After a couple of annoying months, sold my pre 2 and got a desire HD, my! I was blown away by the the apps avail and the UI of android! Htc sense is excellent! I swore I would stick to android forever.

    Then TP came out. I even bought a laptop (which I don't need) that comes bundled with it.
    Love it since day one and bought a pre 3. Now who wants my desire hd?

    so wat I'm trying to say here is that once a webos lover, always a webos lover.
    webos fans/user/followers are fiercly loyal. Nothing will change their mind. So forget abt telling us hw great android is (we know), forget abt telling us how ipad rules (we know).
    But we still love.. Love is blind..
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    <<posts deleted>>

    This thread was started to say they like their webOS Touchpad.
    Posting off topic murmuring complaints is rude.
    Just call me Berd.
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    <thread cleansed> Stay on-topic and remember what site you are on. Thanks
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    I have extensive experience with IOS and particularly Android; I love WebOS and prefer it. Not even close.

    I hope it survives as it still could thrive... If Amazon or Facebook bought it.
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    I JUST LOVE MY TOUCHPAD. I have found out the more you use it the more you fall in love with it. So don't wory about WEBOS some will buy it and support it, have faith my fellow
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    I have an ipad and a touchpad and I LOVE to use my touchpad for internet surfing. The keyboard is SO much better than ipad and I really appreciate WebOS using flash - Apple is silly for not allowing it.
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