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    our gadget 'ecosystem' at home is pretty balanced, my wife got her iPhone 4S last week, I have an Android phone running the very latest Gingerbread version and we have one 16Gb TouchPad (and multiple PC Windows laptops/desktop)

    Wifey and I love the tablet. We use it every day (couch browsing, comic book reader, games, facebook mostly). the TouchPad replaced the laptop for internet browsing and brought more (my wife is hooked on Solitaire HD :/)

    There a few things I'd like to see improved (the browser being one thing, netflix would be another one and more generally a performance increase of webOS shouldn't be asking too much) but I'd still love the TP if it stays as it is.

    by far the best $100 ever spent
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanngoh View Post
    so wat I'm trying to say here is that once a webos lover, always a webos lover.
    webos fans/user/followers are fiercly loyal. Nothing will change their mind. So forget abt telling us hw great android is (we know), forget abt telling us how ipad rules (we know).
    But we still love.. Love is blind..
    WebOS is an awesome tablet OS but they need to get a new browser(or give the Dolphin or Opera devs money to make a WebOS version), new keyboard(Oh how I miss my Swiftkey X keyboard and predictive text), get Pulse News(Mosaic is better but I don't use it because it is just way too slow for regular usage), and a Netflix app. The OS is not what's hurting it, it's the lack of basic apps. WebOS is a great springboard with the OS but the keyboard, news app, and browser are enough to keep me in Android most of the time when a stable version is release. If WebOS just fixed those things then I'd never even think of doing the dual boot Android thing.
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    Using Android makes me want to drill a hole in my skull. WebOS then iOS for mobile platforms, the others are just terrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmayatt View Post
    I never used WebOS before I bought my fire sale Touchpad but I love it , just sold my galaxy 2 and bought a 16gb pre 3 , love WebOS and hope its here to stay.
    How many times have we read a post like this over the years?? It really is too bad more people didn't get to try webOS before it got canned.
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    I tried some other tablets at Best Buy on the weekend.

    If I was forced to pick another one, it would be an iPad 2. I didn't like any of the Android-based ones.

    It's only a tablet, but thanks for making some, HP. And no thanks for escaping the market.
    -- Bring back DateBk!!

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