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    Hi all, I hope this hasn't been discussed in another thread, but my 16gb Touchpad says I only got 7gb of global disk space (2 used, 5 remaining).

    It all begun after I followed this wiki : UbuntuChroot - WebOS Internals

    I think I messed sth up when it came to partitioning, because my Ext3fs partition has only 2 gb (I asked for 7 in the re-partitioning process).

    So I would like a smooth and simple way to get my whole 16 (is it 13?) gb back to normal, so I can lend my actual TP to my brother (don't worry, I still got one ).

    Anyone ?
    Proud Veer and Touchpad owner
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    There's a thread here somewhere about that. Ubuntu leaves (I think) 1.9 gb behind, even after you delete it. You have to delete manually. And if you messed up the installation/partitioning, maybe you have more than that. Do a search here for Ubuntu disk space, you should find your solution.
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    Yup, found the thread. I'll take a deeper look at it but it doesn't seem to be much complicated
    Proud Veer and Touchpad owner

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