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    Might be trading my Touchpad to a friend, was just curious on the best way to reset it? Its a friend, so im not worried about personal data or anything, just want to get my palm profile off so he can set one up. Can I just change the profile or will I have to reset the whole thing? Can I reset it on the device or do I need to webos doctor it? Will I need to install all of the patches over again?

    I have pretty much everything from the "getting started with your thouchpad" post installed on it, lol.

    Thanks guys!
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    device erase in the info app. Then doctor.
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    you don't need to doctor the device unless you want the OS returned to normal.

    If you want to keep all your patches for your friend and just remove your account info/apps then just use one of the erase options via "device info" in settings.
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    You can just reset the device, from the device info menu, but i would dr. it as well just to be on the safe side

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