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    Is there a way to make the songs on the music app play continually without the pause between each song? I was listening to The Dark Side of the Moon and between each song was a pause which was annoying. And does the music player remix fix that? I was considering getting that. What are the advantages to that app?
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    The app has always been fantastic (phones) and I didn't expect anything less when I got it for my TP. It is just a much better experience.. Organizes music better, easier to navigate. I'm sorry I don't know if it eliminates the break in between songs.

    I would check for you, but unfortunately I installed cyanogen mod this morning and it wiped much of the files on my USB drive.. Which includes my music

    if you are constantly listening to music on Ur TP or have a lot of it, then music player remix is right for you. If the stock music app doesn't bother you then there is no reason to change
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    I am fairly certain that Music Player Remix does not support gapless playback the developer has stated the reasons here
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    Audiophile has an adjustable crossfade feature, up to 10 seconds, I believe. However, I am not a fan of their interface. I may switch to MP Remix inspite of it not having crossfade.

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